F.M. Riley (5 Dec 2021)


Looming on the Horizon     

                                           By Pastor F. M. Riley

                                        November 27, 2021

    Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins,”  Isaiah 58:1

     So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore thou shalt hear the Word at My mouth, and warn them from Me,” Ezekiel 33:7


    I am well aware that both of these text Scriptures speak specifically about the Jewish people.  However, does not the same principle apply to the Gentiles? Should not we who claim to be “men of God” be warning the people, both Jews and Gentiles, of the judgment of God  which is about to come upon all of unbelieving, Christ rejecting, mankind upon the whole earth?  I think the answer is glaringly obvious!  

     There are “disasters” looming on the horizon which God’s people, and lost seeking souls need to know about, and that is


my motivation for writing this study.  In spite of my failing eyesight.  I feel that I MUST warn the people.  Readers will notice that the type is slightly larger, in order for me to see what I am writing, and to correct any typos as needed.   Pray for me. 


    The inspired Word plainly tells us that at the resurrection of Christ, there was a “great earthquake,” Matthew 27:51-53.  In Romans 6:5 we are explicitly told that all true believers will be raised “in His likeness.”  So at the time of the resurrection and rapture there will be a “great earthquake.”  How great?  Since deceased true believers have been buried in nations all over the earth in the past 2,000 years, I expect the entire earth to be shaken with a “great earthquake.” 

    This “great earthquake” may, or may not, be the catalyst that sets off every potential disaster that is right now “looming on the horizon.” 


    Let’s start with…..


    Yellowstone National Park  has been the Premier national park in the United States for many years.  More people visit that park annually  than any other national park in America.   Yet most people don’t realize that Yellowstone is a disaster waiting to happen. 


    The perimeters around the entire park is marked  by high cliffs surrounding the entire park.  These cliffs really form the outer edges of a super volcano. The park is located in the  crater of one of the largest super volcanoes on the earth.  The entire park is in the crater of this supposedly extinct volcano.  The park is filled with hot springs and geysers which from time to time shoot forth superheated water. The water has been heated by molten magma beneath the surface of the park,  somewhere in the bowels of the earth. To walk through the park past all the hot springs and geysers, is like walking on the belly of HELL.  I have been there and done that!   I’m apparently not the only person who has felt that way about Yellowstone. 

    Several years ago I received a letter from the mother of a young man, who when he finished high school, was employed by the National Park Service.  The intenton of the young man was to make being a Park Ranger his career.  He worked as a Park Ranger for a few years in different national parks.  Then he was assigned to Yellowstone.  After about six months at Yellowstone, he walked into his supervisors office one morning, laid his uniform on the desk, told his supervisor he was through, got into his car and drove out of the park, ending his career with the park service.  Why?  Because he hadn’t slept good, or been at ease since the day he arrived in the park. He knew that one day in the near future the entire park will suddenly explode into eruption.


    There are constant earth tremors in the park.  Professional geologists claim that the ground surface of the entire park has raised more than twenty feet over the past ten years.  This clearly indicates that fiery molten magma is pushing upwards towards the surface under extreme high pressure.  This super volcano has erupted in the past, and it is getting ready to erupt again.  How do we know?

    Because of the animals and birds. Once Yellowstone was packed with deer, elk, bears, bison, all kinds of  birds, and many other animals.  But In the past few years these animals have left the park.  Even the great variety of birds once in the park are nearly gone.  These animals and birds have some kind of “sixth sense” enabling them to know when they are in danger, and  so they leave.    

    Geologists claim that when (not if) this super volcano explodes into eruption again, every living thing within 300 miles around it will be totally destroyed.  A 600 mile radius. Beyond the 300 miles, there will still be great destruction from smoke, falling ash, and electrical storms which accompany some eruptions.    Now take your maps and see how near this is to some of the great cities in western America.  Denver, Colorado,  Las Vegas, Nevada,  Boise, Idaho,  etc.  The explosion and eruption of Yellowstone, will just about destroy western America.

    The eruption of Yellowstone is indeed one of terrible disasters


looming on the horizon.   


Another disaster looming on the horizon is the San Adreas fault

line on the west coast.  This fault line runs the entire length of California, dividing the state almost in half.  It stands high above the surface, is easily seen, and is passed over by thousands, or millions of automobiles every day of the year. 

    Significantly, there is a fault line extending southwest from Yellowstone, which intersects the north end of the San Andres fault, and then continues right on southwest, passing directly through the heart of Los Angeles, California. 

    Readers can verify this for themselves  by consulting any book which deals with the geological structure and fault lines in North America.  Check it out for yourself. 

    Oh yes, the San Andrea fault line. 

    In 1937 a 17 year old young man by the name of Joe Brandt was severely injured when he fell or was thrown from his horse.   He landed on his head, striking rocks, severely injurying him.    He was rushed to the hospital, and did survive, but he awoke in the hospital with a splitting headache, and his visions began. 

    Each time he begin to suffer with a splitting headache, he had a vision.  Not about just anything, but always in continuity about a great earthquake opening the San Andres fault line.  The visions were so clear and detailed that he began writing down


what he was seeing.  His visions were ultimately printed in some California newspapers,  and ultimately  in a book.

     On February 1, 2017, I wrote his entire account word for word, and sent it out in a Bible study.  Some readers will remember it, and some may still have the Bible study in their files.  The title at the time I reprinted his vision in my study, was, “The Eighty Year Warning.”  But as of this year it has now been 84 years since his accident, which resulted in his visions.  I do not have time nor space to reprint his entire vision in this brief study, but if any reader wants to read it, just send me a correct mailing address and I will mail a copy to you.    

    What Joe Brandt saw in his vision was the breaking apart of the San Andreas fault line in a great earthquake.  He described in detail watching the entire western half of California suddenly fall off into the Pacific Ocean, carrying thousands (or millions) of people to a watery grave.  Can our readers even imagine seeing the San Andrea fault split wide open, and seeing the tidal wave this will cause to sweep clear across the Pacific Ocen, wiping out everything on the east coast of China, North Korea, etc.?   Didn’t the Lord say something about the sea and waves “roaring” (raging) at the time of His return?  Luke 21:25. 

     In Joe Brandt’s  visions, he was not given the year this terrible disaster was to happen, but he did describe the way people were dressed, especially young people like himself, and the


strange looking automobiles that were being driven through the

streets of Los Angeles. The description he gave almost exactly fits the time we are living in right now.  This breaking apart of the San Andreas fault line obviously has not yet occurred, but it is most certainly a disaster looming on the horizon.      


    The worst earthquake ever recorded in America happened in 1811 on the New Madrid fault line, which runs up the west side of the Mississippi river. This fault line appears to begin somewhere along the Gulf Coast, in either Texas or Louisiana,

and it extends northward along the Mississippi River all the way to the Great Lakes.  It is the longest fault line in America, according to the geologists.  The evidence of this fault line also protrudes above ground level,  appearing as a high hill.  My family and I have driven over this fault line numberous times on our trips to and from  St. Louis. 

    When the quake occurred in 1811, the land was tilted upwards to the extent that the Mississippi river actually ran backwards for something like three hours.  Then around the area of New Madrid, the land dropped to the extent that it formed a large lake, which still exists today.  At the time (1811), there were not many people living along the Mississippi river, so casualties were few.  But when such an earthquake occurs again, on the New Madrid fault line, there will be thousands of casualties, for


 millions of people now live on or near the Mississippi river, all the way from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes. 

    But will such actually happen again?  Well, in the past three years, there have been several measurable tremors on this fault line.  In fact, there were two tremors just two weeks ago, measuring 4 points on the richter scale.  Who knows how big the next one will be, or when it will occur?  Only the Lord God! 

    Some geologists claim to believe that at some point in the future, the New Madrid fault will produce another 1811 type earthquake, and split wide open.  The entire nation will then  be divided into two separate land masses.  This opening up of the New Madrid fault will allow the waters of the Gulf Coast to fill up the fissure,  creating  a sea between the two land masses, stretching all the way from the Gult Coast to the Great Lakes.  Will this actually happen?  Only the Lord knows!  But it certainly appears as another great disaster looming on the horizon.  


    Even as I write, the La Palma volcano in the Canary Islands off the coast of Portugal is still erupting.  But even worse!  The geologists studying the eruption now claim that the entire island on which La Palma is located is rising up out of the sea.  They claim this is being caused by molten magna pushed towards the surface under extreme pressure, exactly as what is happening in Yellowstone.  Geologists do expect La Palma to violently explode


in the near future.  When it does, they expect the explosion will

Destroy the entire island, and  cause a tidal wave perhaps as much as 3,000 feet high.  This tidal wave would then sweep across the Atlantic, hitting the east coast of North America.  On a computer analysis the geologists say that the tidal wave would still likely be from 100 to 300 feet high when it strikes the east coast of North America.  Will it happen?  Only the Lord knows, but it is certainly one of the potential disasters looming on the horizon. 


 The Lord Jesus explicitly prophesied of a time in the future when there would be “great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be (again).”  By seriously studying the prophecies, it is obvious the Lord was talking about the seven year tribulation period, which is right now staring humanity in the face. 

    As I write, there is only 34 more days left in this present 120th year, correlating with the 120 year warning given in “the days of Noah,” Genesis 6:3.  The Lord Himself said, “And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man,” Luke 17:26.  Therefore I suspect that all of these disasters looming on the horizon will come to pass at some point in the next seven years of the tribulation period. When even one of them occurs, thus fulfilling Psalm 9:17 and Jeremiah 30:11 our


 readers can kiss America (as we know it today) goodbye.  In spite of all the wishful thinking of some readers, America as a nation and people has “forgotten God, ” and is going to pay the consequences.     


    But the Lord also told His disciples, “see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet,” Matthew 24:6.  The Lord went on to assure His disciples that the things we are seeing today, are just the beginning of sorrows, which will come upon all Christ rejecting unbelievers.  But the sorrows which are dead ahead will not come upon the Lord’s church and true believing people.  Why not? 

     Because the time of sorrows is the seven year tribulation period, when the WRATH OF GOD will be poured out upon all

Christ rejectors.  But the Lord’s church and believing people are not appointed to wrath, “but to obtain salvation (deliverance) by our Lord Jesus Christ,” 1 Thessalonians 5:9; Romans 5:9. 

    The Lord Jesus is coming, likely right at the end of this 120th year, to resurrect, rescue, and rapture His church and believing people out of this present evil  world, Galatians 1:4. 

    See John 3:3-7, 3:15-16, 3:36, 5:24, 14:6, and Acts 16:31.  

R U Ready? 

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