F.M. Riley (5 Dec 2021)
"Precise Ending of “the days of Noah”"

Precise Ending of

“the days of Noah” 

            By Pastor F. M. Riley  November 26, 2021

    And the Lord said, My Spirit shall not always strive with man, for he also is flesh, yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years,”                                

                                                                          Genesis 6:3

    “For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights: and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth.”

                                                                         Genesis 7:4

    “And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man,”                                           Luke 17:26


     As I have studied and meditated on the prophecies of God’s word, and earnestly prayed for enlightenment, I believe the Lord has given   me the answer about the timing of His coming, which has bothered me for years.  And I give Him all honor and praise and glory for showing me this truth.    After reading this study, our  readers are free to  decide for

themselves if the truth of God’s Word has been presented. Fair enough? 


     These Scriptures used as a text for this study, make it quite clear that preceding the JUDGMENT of the flood, God first gave mankind a 120 year warning of the JUDGMENT to come.  Then just before the end of the 120 years,  the Lord God graciously gave Noah  a seven day warning


of the JUDGMENT that was coming.  These two warnings enabled Noah to escape the JUDGMENT upon the unbelieving wicked.  God does make a difference between His believing children, and the lost, unbelieving, world.  Praisie the Lord! 


     In the New Testament the Lord explicitly told His disciples, that preceding His coming, there would be a repetition of “the days of Noah.”  This is stated TWICE in the New Testament quite explicitly, Matthew 24:38-39; Luke 17:26-27. 

     The Lord also prophesied of “signs” that His disciples were to “wqtch” for, which would precede His coming.  Folks, these predicted “signs” have been appearing for several years.  I don’t think any reader who seriously studies Bible prophecy, and is earnestly looking for the coming of the Lord, can deny the “signs” which have already  come to pass, and “signs” which are still coming as I write.  The passages in Matthew 24:7-8  and Luke 21:10-11 pretty well sum up what has happened, and is still   happening in the world around us today. 


     In the prophecies, God said He would regather the Jewish people in the last days.  This regathering began in 1897, when Theodor Herzl

convened the First Jewish Congress at Basle, Switzerland.  That meeting was convened for the specific purpose of finding a national homeland

for the “wandering” Jewish people, so they could establish their own

 nation again.  Exactly five years later in 1901 the count for “the last days” began.  “5” is the Bible number which signifies “the grace of God.”   That 1901 was the year, was indicated by a great  outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the revival efforts in Azusa on the west coast, in


Topeka, Kansas, and on the east coast, all of them the first week in January, 1901.    

     Now begin counting with 1901 and count 120 years, and your count will end in 2021.  Dear readers, this is the 120th year! 

    But carefully notice the warning given in Genesis 6:3.  God  did not say that He was giving mankind 120 years plus 7 days.  God said, “his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.”  PERIOD! 

      Neither did God say that the flood would begin at some point during  the 120th year.  The flood began when the 120th year was fully completed.   PERIOD!


      In obedience to the Lord, Mark 13:35-37,  I and others have faithfully “watched” all of these “signs” which have occurred, and which are still occuring, and  have set forth “possible” dates for the Lord’s coming to resurrect and rapture His church and believing people.  This present year many thought the Lord would return on Passover, but He didn’t!  Then many more were convinced the Lord was coming on Pentecost.  But He didn’t!  Dozens of true believers then felt sure the Lord would come on Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish Feast of Trumpets, and the beginning of the new year on the Jewish calendar.  But He didn’t!   Date after date after date passed.  All wrong!  Why hadn’t the Lord come on one of these Jewish holy days?  Perhaps a short answer is found in Matthew 24:44.    

    I know many of God’s people have been disappointed and discouraged, as they have seen one “possible” date after another come

and  go, and the Lord hasn’t returned. Some have even given up looking for the Lord to visibly and bodily return.  I was told by one fellow, that


he has decided that the Lord’s coming will be a “spiritual” event, and not a  literal event at all. Sic!  It isn’t so, and his silly theory is as phony as a four dollar bill.  Ignorance gone to seed!

        Dear readers, I have been disappointed too!  But not to the point of denying God’s Word, and refusing to “watch” for my Lord’s return.     John 14:3 is still in the Bible, and my Lord is not a liar.  Yes, I have been disappointed, for I long to go “home” to be with my Lord, and to be reunited with those of my  believing  loved  ones who are awaiting my coming.  But as each “possible” date came and went this year, I became keenly aware that something was missing.  There has been a “missing link” in our studies of Bible prophecy.  What was it?  The inspired Apostle clearly stated that the Lord’s church and people “are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief,” 1 Thessalonians 5:4. The Lord’s church and believing people will be given the time   when the Lord is coming, whether some want to believe it or not.   So what are we missing in studying the prophecies?  Let’s see…….


        I suggest to our readers, that there has been so much emphasis placed on the 120 years, that many have forgotten, overlooked, or just ignored, the seven days. 

    God most certainly did give Noah a seven day warning.  I am convinced that it was given exactly seven days before the end of the 120th year.  I also believe that such a seven day warning will be given again just before this present 120th year ends.  The Lord Himself said so, Matthew 25:6-10.                              

     Dear readers,  God is precise!  In His Word He says what He means, and He means what He says.  That second warning was given exactly


 seven days before the end of the 120 years, Genesis 7:4.  This gave Noah and his family, and the animals, time to enter into the ark before God closed the door.    

    So in all of the speculation that has been put forth this year, where was the missing seven day warning?  How many speculating on “possible” dates, were even thinking about the seven day warning? 


     This year is the 120th year warning given to us living today, even “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be…..”   This is it!  We don’t have anymore years left before God’s tribulation JUDGMENT descends upon this present lost, unbelieving, Christ rejecting, wicked world.  And the Lord God is not going to leave His church and His people here to go into and  through the terrible tribulation JUDGMENTS that will  be poured out upon the wicked God hating, Christ rejecting, world, Romans 5:9; 1 Thessalonians 5:9.    Rather, the Lord  will deliver us out of this present evil world, just as He delivered Noah some 4,000 years ago, Galatians 1:4.   Christ Jesus Himself is our “ark” of safety, John 3:16-18; Acts `6:31; Romans 10:13.  Praise the Lord!  So WHEN is the Lord Jesus coming for His church and believing people?    I’m so glad you ask! 

     In my study and meditations on this seven day period, I came to  realize the truth about the seven days; that it was the last seven days of the 120 years. THE LAST SEVEN DAYS OF THE 120 YEARS.  PRECISELY!    

    So I went to my calendar to examine the last 7 days of 2021.  Wow!  Amazing!  Glory to God!  Hallelujah! The missing piece of the puzzle had   been given to me, to share with the Lord’s church and believing  people. 


    The last 7 days of 2021 begin on CHRISTMAS DAY, December 25th,.and


extend through December 31st, the last day of this 120th year.  Count the days for yourself.  The last seven days in December will bring this 120th  year to an end. And what an end it will be!

    The last seven days of each year we are living in today, have become the most vile, wicked, evil, licentious, days of the year.  What did God say in Genesis 6:11?   During this holiday week, from  Christmas through New Year’s Day (7 days) each year, there is more worldliness, drunkenness, doping, flirting, lusting, cheating, lying, sexual infidelity, raping, robbing, and murdering than at any other time of the year.

      Without  going into great detail, Christmas day is a pagan holiday. December 25th was celebrated in ancient Babylon each year as the birth of the new “sun god” for the coming year.  This was over a thousand years before Christ was born in Bethlehem.  Christmas today is the first of seven days given over to indulgence of the flesh in all of the wrong things.  It is certainly NOT the birthday of Christ!  Most true Bible believing Christians and churches in the past 2,000 years of this dispensation refused to observe Christmas.  Only in about the last 200 years have the Lord’s churches and people succumbed to the false teaching, that Christmas was the day Christ was born in Bethlehem.  Sic!

     These last seven days of the year begin with a pagan holiday, and they end with a pagan holiday.   People all over the earth celebrate the coming in of a new year with wild parties,  drunkenness, depravity, and debauchery of every description.  It almost appears that unbelieving, lost, mankind on the earth, is going out of their way to show their contempt for God and righteousness during this seven day holiday

season, which ends the year.   But this year, it is the lost, unbelieving  world who is in for a surprise…….



     The Lord Jesus Himself described His coming at  the time of the resurrection and rapture, as being like a flash of “lightning,” Matthew 24:27.  In other words, in just an instant of time. 

       The Apostle Paul, writing to the Corinthian church confirmed the Word of the Lord, by saying, “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound , and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed,” 1 Corinthians 15:52.  How quickly?  Well, the Greek word translated as “moment” in this Scripture is the word, “atomos.”  This Greek word is the source of the word, “atom.”  In essence, in an “atom” or split second of time.  That is how fast the resurrection and rapture of the Lord’s church and believing  people  is going to take place. One minute here; the next instant with the Lord!   Glory to God! 

     Nearly every reader of this study has either gone to Times Square in New York City, to join in the festivities welcoming in the new year, or they have watched those activities on TV.  There is some sort of apparatus set up in Times Square each year, which allows the 50,000 or more people crowded into the square to count down the last minutes of the old year.  Then in the last minute or two the crowd counts down even the final  seconds of the old year.   Then precisely at 12 midnight a great ball drops, and the entire crowd breaks into shouting, cheering,  whistling, blowing horns,  and all kinds of revelry. 


     Now have our readers studied their Bibles closely enough to notice that the inspired Word speaks of Christ coming at midnight?  Matthew 25:6; Mark 13:35.                             


     I have no idea whether this means “midnight” in Israel, or midnight

in some other part of the world. The earth today is divied into 24 time zones, and somewhere on the earth it will be “midnight” when the Lord comes.   But New York City is today regarded as the leader of the whole industrial  world, and that ball in Times Square is  dropped  precisely at midnight on December 31st each year.  That is the exact time this 120th year will end.    


     Now think about it!  Somewhere on the earth, exactly at midnight   the 120th year warning God gave, as “in the days of Noah,” 2021 will end, and 2022 will begin.  I suspect that will be the exact instant that the Lord Jesus will  encircle the earth, similar to  a  flash of lightning, and every true believer on this earth will be instantly lifted off the earth, and taken “home” to our Father’s house, John 14:1-3; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. .   

    The Lord God is quite precise.  He gave mankind “in the days of Noah” exactly 120 years to repent and get saved.  Had others than Noah turned  to the Lord back then,  they could have entered the ark with Noah and his family.   But no one did! 

    Today, we are living in a repetition of “the days of Noah.”  The 120 years will end precisely at midnight on December 31st.  How many who read this study will turn to the Lord  for salvation before that time?

    Readers, as I write December 31st is now only 36 days away.  When this year ends, will YOU be a “saved by grace” believer taken in the rapture, or will you be LEFT BEHIND, to enter into the horrors of the tribulation period?  Romans 10:8-13, Ephesians 2:8-10, and Matthew 24:21. 


The choice is yours!   Choose carefully!

R U Ready???

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