Fay (5 Fay 2021)
"Nothing New under the Sun. Ukraine/Russia"


Hi John and Doves,

The political monsters are at it again. Them, with their whole New World Order burble. This is a repeat of of WW2, where the powers-that-be divided up the world into East v West. Russia took East Germany whilst the west took West Germany. Thereby alienating family from family. Generations suffered from this cruel greed. They built a wall which no-one could cross. A tragedy that can never be undone. China did the same with their "Great Leap Forward" etc.

Evil has been the prevalent force for far too long. And, the only way we have recognised it is because of hardship. The generation that witnessed the first two world wars were not honoured with the knowledge we are honoured with. The means to gather together and share our thoughts - our Holy Spirit wisdom. In other words - the internet. We have been comfortable. Now that evil is showing it's fangs, we need to be courageous and strong. After we have gone, this world is destined for hardship beyond any of the world wars.

We must pray hard.