Fay (5 Fay 2021)
"Hmmm! This Threat coupled with Natan's  Testimony."


Read through this JPost article carefully. This vile Brigadier General of Iran claims Iran forces could level Tel Aviv and Haifa "in the shortest possible time". This is obviously no idle boast.

Natan testified that he was shown a nuclear weapon would be launched at Israel from Iran. Almighty God would freeze it in the sky and then allow it to fall on Tel Aviv and Haifa. Let's remember that Natan was only 15 years old when he was taken to heaven to receive prophecy. He would not have had an inkling of how Iran's ruthless regime thinks and operates.... never mind confidently naming Tel Aviv and Haifa as the targets.

Reading this article really brings home what savages are ruling Iran. Hideous!

I believe a world war is the next thing - quickly followed by a unified attack on Israel.

Please come, LORD Jesus. Please come and bring peace to Jerusalem and the world.