Fay (5 Fay 2021)
"Check THIS Out !!!"


There is a meme going around on Whatsapp asking "Who paid the largest criminal fine in history?" Apparently, Alexa doesn't know when asked. There's a surprise ! Creepoid Alexa didn't know who Jesus was until the news rampaged around social media and they were forced to correct it. Hilarious! So, I googled the question. Oh my goodness.....check out the link. Pharmaceutical companies paid fines that make your head spin.. Pfizer is right up there with GlaxoSmithKline. We are talking billions of dollars. Make sure to check out the reasons why they had to pay these massive fines.

It now appears that the regulatory body we trusted has been co-opted by the powers that be. It also explains why Pfizer has made sure they cannot be fined should the "vaccine" go bum over elbow. What a bunch of crooks!