Fay (26 Dec 2021)
"The Temple and Messiah in Bible Code !"


Hallelujah! Confirmation from the Bible Codes. This is EXCITING, Doves. The Temple will descend from heaven and will be completed on earth, with the help of the priests AND Jesus!! This matches perfectly with what Caroline saw. She saw the priests moving around in the Temple and saw it slowly being built and finished properly. BUT - the Temple initially descends from heaven. This code also shows that prior to the Temple descending - there will be wars. Many exhortations for the Jewish people to repent. To return to the Torah.

Going on what we have heard from Natan and Caroline and what we can see happening on the ground, on earth, at this very time - these prophecies are going to happen very, very soon. And in quick succession. This short video clip is a definite Must Watch.