Fay (26 Dec 2021)
"The Prophets informed Beforehand!"


Hi John and Doves,

Amos 3:7 tells us - "The Lord God does nothing before He reveals it to His servants, the prophets." This follows the same pattern in scripture. There is ALWAYS a warning. As the Ezekiel 38 and Psalm 83 wars are all about Israel being attacked - the prophets informing of these attacks will be Jewish. And I have realised some very important details about this!

Listening carefully, you will realise that Natan is talking about the coming attack from the Gog/Magog alliance. Ezekiel 38. In her testimony, Caroline is talking about the invasion and attack from the Muslim nations. Natan talks about ALL the nations attacking. Caroline talks about Isis, Daesh and "the Arabs who have control over us". The Psalm 83 war. These two wars happen in close proximity to each other. The details are fascinating when viewed in this context.

Both Caroline and Natan were judged before they were allowed to receive prophecy. Caroline's anguish was palpable. Horrific spiritual anguish. I initially put this down to the fact that she's older and has more descriptive powers than a 15 year old like Natan had. Now, I realise there is way more to it. Caroline experienced the deep anguish the Jewish people are going to feel on their day of punishment - which is the day that "Amalek" will be allowed to attack and kill millions. This is the day that Israel will be judged and punished and forced to repent. Caroline describes the nation of Israel all standing and looking up. She found it difficult to describe. She said it seemed as though the entire nation were standing together. Then the sky unfurls into a type of huge movie screen which begins to recount each individual's life - each and every second of their lives. She describes people crying and trying to turn away but there is no escaping seeing their lives unfold before them. THIS is judgement. While this is going on, Caroline sees a world-wide tsunami occurring. Terrible destruction. The tsunami happens everywhere in the world EXCEPT for Israel. THIS is also judgement. Israel's punishment swiftly follows with thousands upon thousands of marauding jihadists rampaging through Israel.

Natan describes when the nations all attack. He describes all 70 nations (his words) uniting and attacking. He describes a world war breaking out first. A war that does not initially involve Israel. Natan said that Israel will be taken by surprise and that the attack will come from the north. He SPECIFICALLY named Obama as Gog. So we know he is describing Ezekiel 38 and that the land of Magog is America.

There are certain things I am confused by and pray to have them clarified by the LORD. Natan says that Messiah will land on the Mount of Olives - which will have split open as a result of people arising from their graves. Caroline's testimony reveals that the attack upon Israel will happen in the 3 Final Hours before Messiah arrives. I think that our beloved Messiah arrives at the Psalm 83 attack (Caroline's vision) and sets about the Geula ( Redemption) for Israel. Caroline saw the Temple descending from heaven to earth etc. Israel receives her precious Messiah Jesus after receiving horrific punishment. The Temple is on earth. In Jerusalem. When Gog and the nations attack, LORD Jesus is there in Israel. Gog will battle with Jesus. Gog is killed in Jerusalem and is even given a grave there. I realise it sounds confusing! However - it is now crystal clear to me that Natan was given prophecy about the Ezekiel 38 war and Caroline was given prophecy about the Psalm 83 war. These wars happen in very close proximity to each other.

I have linked some very prophetic news below. I write this letter on Tuesday December 21st. Russia has released some dire warnings to the west over Ukraine. Putin's warnings are serious and urgent. Please see the 1st link. In the 2nd link, Iran is threatening Israel with a viciousness that is off the charts - even for them. There was an attack on Iran's nuclear reactor on Monday December 20th. Iran claims it was them beginning their exercise for combat readiness. Israel is becoming increasingly alarmed about stopping Iran and knows that she will probably have to do it alone. The Biden administration will not help Israel in the coming attack from Iran.

Iran is revving up for the Psalm 83 attack. Russia is revving up for war with NATO, America et al. The puzzle pieces are all coming together.

Praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

PLEASE come, LORD Jesus.