Elliot Hong (26 Dec 2021)
"17 Days from Winter Solstice to Epiphany"

Dear Doves:

Barbara Francis received the message that 12-21-2021 is a marker in MY Time.
12/21  was Winter Solstice and 1 year from Christmas Star.
And I find that it's 17 days from Winter Solstice to Epiphany on 1/6/22.
12 represnts Church Age, New Jerusalem and Government Change.
17 means Victory and is the number of 153.
1/6/22 is the 4th day of Shevat, the 11th and the 5th month.
The meaning of 11 and 5 is Judgment and Grace.
Byron received the message that Judgment and Glory come at the same time.
The 4th day of Shevat fits to $2.34.
Vincent Tan had an experience with the Angel who left $2.34 on 12/23 in 1993.
It's 28 years(14x2) and 14 days from the encounter to Epiphany.
14 means Salvation.
The central branch of Menorah is called "Shamash" which represents the Lord.
If this principle is applied to the period of 12/21 to 1/6/22, the mid-point is 12/29.
12/29 is 8 days from 12/21 and 8 days to 1/6/22.
8 means New Birth and New Beginning.
And it's possible that something big could occur on 12/29 as the sign for the Lord's coming.
Dan received the message that soon I shall go silent then My Judgment shall cover the land.
It says "The heavens shall erupt in fire" which fits to 1 Peter 3:10 and 1 Thessalonians 5:3.
The period from Christmas to New Year Eve fits to 1 Thessalonians 5:3 and Matthew 24:38.
People all over the world wish Peace and Safety for the new year as they enjoy many parties.
Purim 2022 begins from the sunset of March 16.
It's 70 days from 1/6 to 3/16.
Will the Remnant witness for 70 days instead of 40 days?
Purim 2022(3/16) is 4400 days(12 years 17 days or 144 months 17 days) from the 8.8 Sign on Purim.
Hopefully this scenario becomes a reality this time.