Donna Danna (5 Dec 2021)

In reply to your 11/21 post Will All Christians Be Raptured? ( I agree with your post that a Christian would have to be "accounted worthy" by the Lord in order to be raptured based on Luke 21:34-36, and the Five Wise Virgins who went to the wedding and the Five Foolish Virgins were left behind in Matt.25:1-13.

Then there is also the faithful & wise servant who is watching and prepared for the Lord's return according to Matt. 24:42-46, and the evil servant of the Lord who is unfaithful to the Lord who smites his fellow servants and drinks with the drunken in Matt. 24:47-51 who Jesus cuts asunder and leaves him behind with the hypocrites who will be weeping and gnashing their teeth because he wasn't looking for the Lord's return & Jesus came in an hour that the unfaithful servant of the Lord was unaware of until after the fact.

Then there is the faithful and wise steward who is watching for the Lord's return according to Luke 12:38-44 blessed is that servant whom his Lord when he cometh shall find so doing. However, if that faithful & wise steward (same servant who had been wise & faithful) sayeth in his heart, My Lord delayeth his coming; and shall begin to beat the men servants and maidens and to eat and drink and to be drunken, that once wise & faithful steward who is now unfaithful which can be seen by his actions is appointed a portion with the unbelievers according to Luke 12:45-48.

And don't forget about the church of Sardis who has a few people who haven't defiled their garments with sin who shall walk with Jesus in white raiment for they are worthy according to Jesus in Rev. 3:4-5.

Then there are those in a Laodicean type church who need to repent otherwise Jesus will spew them out of his mouth if they don't according to Rev. 3:15-19.

In other words don't be living in a state of sin with defiled garments, and repent and ask
for forgiveness of any sin in your life immediately after you recognize it to be a sin and ask the Lord to help you not repeat that particular sin.