Chance (26 Dec 2021)
"Happy New Year - 2022"

Hello John and Doves,

What could possibly go wrong?
As we hesitantly welcome in the New Year, 2022, I pray for blessings on all Doves!
We are all in good hands!  God's hands!
If the Rapture doesn't happen before January 1, 2022 -
May the New Year bring peace and renewal of the spirit. 
May God's light shine upon your path. 
May He guide you and renew your strength.
May your thoughts, words, and deeds be for His glory.
May you never loose sight of Him. 
May He bless you with a gentle spirit - a kind, loving and patient heart.
May He touch your life with health and happiness.
May 'Hope for Him' keep us looking up!
And may the New Year find us in Heaven.
As the Jews say, "Next year in Jerusalem!"
I will say, "Next year in Heaven!"
May the good Lord bless us all!


Not having a good feeling about this coming year.....2022 is just 2020 too, right?😳