Chance (26 Dec 2021)
"The Pfizer EUA Request/Clinical Trial Result Findings Made Public"

Hello John and Doves,
Just a very tiny part of Pfizer's Emergency Use Authorization request/results sent to the FDA for their Covid-19 mRNA vaccine approval has been released via a FOIA request.  As it stands now, it will take over 70 years for these pages to be released at the specified 500 pages a month!  That puts this at 2096.  The FDA, obviously, doesn't want us to know something....
The FDA asked a Federal Judge for this painfully slow release of information...this is information that the public has a right to see.  We funded the research for this vaccine and we paid for the vaccines...yet, we aren't allowed to see what makes this vaccine "safe and effective" for us to take!
I read that some 15,000 doctors, researchers, etc signed on to this Freedom of Information Act request.  We have since found out that there are way more than the 329,000 plus pages listed to eventually be made public.
And what is found within these first pages is damning, to say the least.  Several people/organizations have taken on this task of looking through these....  Here are two linked below.  In reviewing the 'cumulative analysis' that covered just 3 months....
"According to the documentation released by Pfizer 2.5 months following EUA Pfizer received a total of 42,086 reports containing 158,893 "events".  Most were in the U.S.  Most were in women.  They occurred in people between the ages of 31 and 50.  And some 26,000 reports were classified as "nervous system disorders".
Much more at this above link.
And the following youtube interview by Kalkine TV of Sonia Elijah:  Found on channel Sonia Elijah "Part 1 Explosive revelations about the FDA and Pfizer COVID vaccine".  Run time 10:39
In this video, Sonia Elijah found a reported 1228 deaths that occurred on the same day as the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine was given.  And over 40,000 reports of adverse reactions.  She found that women had an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine 8x more than men.  And women had 3x the adverse events as men.  She also found that Pfizer reported 270 'unusual pregnancies' (like premature births) and 25 spontaneous abortions.
The FDA told us that no one died during these clinical trials by Pfizer.  And that the Pfizer vaccine was "safe and effective".
This explains why we are seeing the 'vaccinated injured' that are filling the ERs and hospitals across the country!
My brother was recently a patient in a hospital in the SW and asked a nurse about the patient situation...she told him most of the patients coming into the ER and most of the patients being admitted were 'vaccine injured'.  She said she had to take the vaccine to keep her job.  She couldn't afford lost wages.
We were warned very early on this year about these 'vaccines' - to start expecting the ERs and hospitals to fill up this fall/winter with vaccine injured.  We are seeing this now.  Hospitals are full up - but not with the unvaccinated Covid-19. The situation is so dire now that hospitals are not able to move patients to 'more suitable' they can't get to the specialists/surgeons that they need.  This is a horrible situation.
God help us!
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!