Chance (26 Dec 2021)
"Coming War - Russia v NATO"

Hello John and Doves,
Getting really dicey now.
Lots going on...lots of back and forth going on between NATO and Russia.  Things are happening that are a big heads up for a soon war.  
NATO is hoping to "establish a military presence in Bulgaria and Romania following Russia's troop build-up near the border with Ukraine..."
And Russia wants no NATO troops in East Europe and wants NATO to halt the NATO military drills going on near Russia.
"Russia may take new measures to ensure its security if the US and its allies continue to take provocative action."  Russia has asked for guarantees from NATO concerning their involvement with Ukraine.  Russia said "We will find all the necessary ways, means and solutions needed to ensure our security."
"NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned Tuesday that the U.S.-led military organization must prepared for the worst as concern mounts that Russia could be preparing to invade Ukraine." 
"Russian President Vladimir Putin will suffer "massive consequences" for another invasion of Ukraine, NATO allies vowed in an unusual warning to Moscow.  "We are gravely concerned by the substantial, unprovoked, and unjustified Russian military build-up on the borders of Ukraine in recent months, and reject the false Russian claims of Ukrainian and NATO provocations, the North Atlantic Council said in a Thursday rebuke.  "Any further aggression against Ukraine would have massive consequences and would carry a high price."
Russia is putting two missile regiments "armed with YARS intercontinental ballistic missiles with multiple independent re-entry vehicle nuclear warheads" on combat duty before the end of the year - that's only a couple of weeks away.  And Russia is closing the Northern Sea Route - allowing the ships already on route to continue their trip - but no new ships are allowed to enter.   This is because of NATO military activity.
Paul on Off Grid Desert Farming with Paul and Adrienne has picked up the story and is reporting this on his youtube channel:
"Time is almost up, on the verge of nuclear war, new information of how close we are"
run time 22:05
Paul sees this as a reversal of the Cuban Missile it's Russia that feels threatened.  The video covers the news about the Russian's closing the Northern Sea Route - stopping ships from going from Asia to Europe.  Those en route will be allowed to continue their trip but no new ships will be allowed to enter.  Russia says this block is because of NATO military activity in the area. 
And 'over the horizon radar' blocking antennae have recently been built in the Arctic by Russia.  The Russians released pictures of their radar antennae..these are disturbing because the radar aren't just for monitoring ships entering the Northern Sea Route but are 'over the horizon radar blocking antennae also.  This would make it impossible for the US to detect incoming ICBMs, effectively preventing a counter nuclear attack by the US should Russia decide to lob a few nukes our way. 
Back on December 7, 2021, "Russia is considering banning foreign vessels from shipping Russian energy cargoes via the Northern Sea Route..."...Russia "drew up a draft list of activities that only Russian-built vessels would be able to undertake on the shipping lane.  The activities included transporting Russian-produced oil, gas, gas condensate and coal along the route, as well as icebreaking services, hydrotechnical and underwater engineering work, it said."  
So sounds like Russia was wanting this route for herself anyway...
Then NYPrepper, on his youtube channel, has his WWIII alert:  "NATO rejects Russian demands.  Huge no-fly zone setup in Northern Russia".  Russia wants NATO to withdraw its missile systems from eastern European countries and Ukraine and Georgia to be barred from joining NATO.  Russia wants a written guarantee.  NATO is rejecting the Russian demands.
Run time 21:16
Russia has closed off a huge no-fly zone (one thousands miles across) for their military exercises/training in Northern Russia - near where Russia's northern fleet is located in Severomorsk, Kola fly zone includes Murmansk, Russia - this is near Finland.  From December 18 to December 20.  Civilian air traffic has been shut down.  Russia is moving military equipment - troops, missile launchers (on trains), etc.  
Many high level meetings are going on now.  This situation could escalate quickly into full out war.
"US deploys F-15 fighters closer to Russian borders."  "Washington has sent fighter jets to Romania to patrol the skies near Russia's borders as part of a NATO mission designed to deter Moscow in the Black Sea region and around Ukraine."
And there are rumors that are probably true of NATO tanks on the move to Ukraine from Bulgaria that previously landed in Greece and that NATO and the US are forward deploying 1,000 tanks to Ukraine.  If NATO sees this situation as severe as what we are reading above, then this wouldn't be a surprise.  And their are pictures/news of US troops and tactical vehicles and aircraft unloading at the port of Alexandroupoli, Greece.  This is being reported by the US Embassy Athens.
"The United States and France are surging some of their best surveillance aircraft into the Black Sea region as Russia masses forces for a possible invasion of Ukraine in coming weeks or months.....As more Russian troops and tanks mass along Ukraine's borders, more NATO planes are crowding the Black Sea in order to keep tabs on the Russians."
And the US media/TV news is reporting ZIP on this.  It's all about Omicron and more Covid-19 shutdowns, mandates, etc.....And if a NATO/Russia war breaks out...I certainly hope China doesn't decide to move on Taiwan, and other countries in the area.  This would not bode well for the world.
We pray for God's will to be done in earth and Heaven.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
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