Bob Ware (26 Dec 2021)
"Three additional confirmations of my Monarch Butterfly dream"

In a previous letter I shared my Monarch Butterfly dream with the Doves on 12 December 2021:


Since then I have received more confirmations of that dream:


1. Clay sent me this link to a little girl who died and came back to life. She saw Monarch butterflies when she was in heaven:


2. I was given a 2022 calendar with nothing but pictures of butterflies with a different scripture for each month. January had Psalm 113:3. April had a picture of a Monarch butterfly and the verse Proverbs 3:6.

3. When I shared my dream with my brother's step daughter she told me about this...

          'Butterfly counters record 'massive jump' in Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove numbers'


          Go here for the short story: