1 Cor 10:31 (5 Dec 2021)
"a cause for concern; not a cause for panic...."

By 1 Cor 10:31


Those words, BTW, came right out of the P(Resident’s)  mouth today:  November 29, 2021


And all my sarcastic self can say is:  “YEAH, RIGHT!!!!!”…..



C’mon!!!!!!  By now – you’d think (and certainly HOPE!!)  people would wake up already!!!!!  But nope…. “zzzzz!!”  


As many of us have said – inc. some top notch pastors, preachers, teachers – the world as we ONCE KNEW IT – it’s OVER folks!!!!  Gone, kaput!!  Not coming back….. ever again!!!!  No matter “how many” shots you take!!!!!


So this new “variant” omnicor (or however you spell it) ~ they’re just barely on the fringes now speaking about it.  But we KNOW what’s coming down the pike!! 


I’d wager in 2 or 3 months’ time, they’ll have us ALL LOCKED DOWN AGAIN!!!!!   Just watch, wait & see!!!!!   And if ever allowed out – MASKS!!!!!   Certainly it’s eventually coming down to a person MUST show their green papers/vax pass!!!  Already that way in many venues and areas, except for perhaps the most conservative states.


Don’t know about you – but I cannot stand seeing people all masked up again!!!!!   I didn’t wear one the first time.  A see-through shield – yes, I did wear that (purpose:  I kinda’ like BREATHING!!!!)   And am blessed to live in a conservative state where common sense isn’t tossed out the window….. Y E T.   But if the smother-you-type of masks ARE required – then let them have at it!!  I’ll just sit at home & quilt till the trumpet sounds!!  Do all my shopping online.  Some people have found a good experience doing that – certainly cuts way down on impulsive buys!


Back in mid-September I got horribly sick with some kind of crud.  I honestly don’t know whether I even “believe” in THE virus or not – as it’s my understanding it’s never been isolated.  But if no virus – I thought well what am I laying here dying of then??  (wasn’t truly dying, though you know how sometimes it FEELS like it!!)  Whatever I had was a respiratory flu…. Lasted a good month, very hard to get rid of.   BUT….. I had been around some people who’d been “fully vaccinated” and most likely shed on me.  Also I’m highly allergic/sensitive (as in:  over the top!!)  to perfumes, colognes, DRYER SHEETS!!!!   Those nasty petroleum-made things are the absolute worst trigger for me!!   Those worst of all with a close second being Febreeze.  The very things this world is now saturated with!!!!   And BTW, I was way over the top allergic to the point of not being able to function even BEFORE all this covid junk started!!!!!


So having been around shedders + in close proximity to ppl with that nasty dryer sheet smell on their clothes, I ended up having THEE worst asthma attack I’ve ever had in my entire life!!!!   This was even after “getting well” and making a comeback!


No, I didn’t “test” and not about to.  Break the brain barrier?  Uh, “no thanks”!!  A friend has not had ANY sense of smell or taste for an entire year after she was tested with that nasty too-long Q-tip stuck up her nose!!!!  A whole year!!  What would be the point of eating or drinking anything at all if you can’t taste??


And when a product is labeled “fragrance free” – best to not bet on it!!!  Still has nasty chemicals!!   Example:  I have to put even fragrance free plastic trash liners – in a box with coffee grounds (takes out the “smell”) BEFORE I can use them!!!!  The unused coffee grounds are enmeshed in casing so they don’t spill everywhere.  I leave those in garage for nearly a month before being able to use!  


Same thing most definitely with dryer sheets – just b/c they CLAIM fragrance free!!  They most certainly STINK of chemicals!!!!!  I use dryer wool balls myself & wadded up aluminum foil.


At any rate, purpose of this writing is mainly to say that SURE they are just now talking on the fringes about this “new variant” – of which I’m sure there will be a NEEDED VACCINE for that, too!!!  And lockdowns far worse than before!!!   “DARK WINTER” anybody?????


Have you noticed how they do things by PROGRESSION???


Pray, pray, pray like you’ve never prayed before for God to send His Son, Jesus, to call us up to WHERE He is!!!!!!!  


It’s not only our BLESSED HOPE – it’s truly our ONLY Hope!!!!!!!!!


I so, so hope we can be outta’ here THIS VERY YEAR!!!!