Garry B (1 Dec 2019)


Jesus told us when the rapture would happen in the Book of Revelation if you understand what He said :

In Revelation 12:10-12    He said that the Church will be raptured to heaven at the SAME TIME that Satan is cast out of heaven down to earth. 

In Revelation 13:5  He said that Satan and his anti-Christ would have 42 months,ie. 1,260 days, of authority on earth after he is cast down. 

The Second Coming of Jesus to earth, with His previously raptured Church, will end the 1,260 days of the authority on earth of Satan and his anti-Christ. Therefore, we are told that the number of days between the rapture and the Second Coming of the Lord are 1,260 days according to the Book of Revelation.

God does not use the Gregorian Calendar that we use. He has His own Sacred Lunar Calendar according to the Scriptures. God's Calendar is based on the cycle of the moon therefore it is a lunar calendar. The FIRST DAY of each month on God's lunar Calendar is on the day of the NEW MOON. We are told in the Book of Revelation that there are 42 lunar months between the rapture and the Second Coming. To determine when, on God's Calendar , the rapture occurs and when the Second Coming occurs 1,260 days later, all we have to do is find a 1,260 day interval between those two yet unfulfilled prophecies. 

Using the yet unfulfilled prophecy of the fall Feast of Trumpets which occurs on the day of the new Moon on Tishri 1 as the likely day of the Second Coming of the Lord,  then we can determine that 1,260 days prior to that benchmark day we come to Nisan 10, the Day of Palms, to be the likely day of the rapture. The 1,260 day period of time between Nisan 10 and Tishri 1 is a never changing constant for every year.


In the Book of Revelation Jesus told us that there are exactly 1,260 days between the two unfulfilled prophecies of the rapture of the Church and His Second Coming with His Church. On God's Sacred Lunar Calendar there are always 1,260 days between Nisan 10, the Day of Palms, and Tishri 1, the Feast of Trumpets. According to Scripture the most likely day of the rapture is on Nisan 10, the Day of Palms. In the year 2020 Nisan 10 falls on Sabbath Saturday April 4, 2020. If the rapture does not happen on that day, we will have to wait another year. According to what Jesus told us in the Book of Revelation Nisan 10 is the only day of the year on which the rapture can happen.

According to Your Word, come Lord Jesus !