Frank Molver (1 Dec 2019)
"Re. Clay Cantrell (24 Nov 2019) "The Temple | Bob Cornuke video""

Great video, makes sense. Perhaps we will find out soon. Rumors are that Trump may cooperate with allowing Temple to be rebuilt. Seems like a lot of things need to happen before that. 

I have been there and there are a couple things that make me think it will be on the flat area next to the Dome of the Rock, but I am not sure. The Dome of the Rock is built over the place where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac. The marble columns inside are from the original temple, only upside down.  The current old city is approx. 60 ft higher than the original. It is called a tel, building on top of old structures.  The Portico of Solomon, Solomon's porch, or pool of Solomon in 90 ft, I think, below the current ground level. It is right next to St Anne's church, just north of current Temple Mount. The Eastern gate, located next to the flat are mentioned has another Eastern gate directly below it. It was uncovered by  archeologist James Flemming. The Messiah is suppose to enter through that gate on his return. That is why the Muslims have walled off that gate on the Temple Mount. 
They think they can stop him from coming, tee hee.

Anyway, we may soon find out, eh?