Fay (1 Dec 2019)
"More on the Crib Fragment"

The mist of confusion is clearing. The link from Breaking Israel News is more pragmatic.

Mahmud Abbas requested the relic to be returned to Bethlehem because this is a major seasonal tourism attraction. Hence the timing. Just before Christmas and announced with a great fanfare of mainstream media publicity. The "palestinians" will benefit financially as Bethlehem falls under their control. Never mind the irony of making money out of a Jewish Saviour - King of the Jews - King of the Christians - King of All. They don't give a rat's bum about all that. As long as it makes them some money! Making money out of Christian tourism to the Jewish Holy Land to pray and worship our Messiah Jesus. Whose very Name renders their "Allah" totally null and void. They are too greedy and stupid to recognise the incongruity of it all.

The mystery of why Mahmud Abbas deems the Vatican as having any relevance and power as regards "Middle East peace talks" remains a mystery  A political fact that is hidden from the general public. It tells us, in no uncertain terms, that the Vatican is a major player in the affairs of Israel. Jerusalem. From this, we can almost surmise who the Whore of Babylon could very well be.

Vatican Gives Christmas Present to Palestinian Authority in Bethlehem: A Piece of the Manger