Fay (1 Dec 2019)
"Fragment of Crib returned to Bethlehem by Vatican. Must Read."

Such a strange story and one well worth reading properly. The timing of this event for one! I will quote pertinent points from the article to emphasise how strange this story is.

A fragment of the crib that LORD Jesus was born in "Arrived in Jerusalem today on it's way back to Bethlehem after a millennium long absence".

According to the article, the Vatican has the entire crib but it is too fragile to travel. So they sent a fragment from the crib.

"The relic, housed in Rome since the 7th century, was presented to the Franciscan custodians of the Holy Land at a mass in the Notre Dame Catholic centre, opposite the walls of Jerusalem's Old City".

"During a visit to to the Vatican for Middle East peace talks in December 2018, Palestinian president, Mahmud Abbas asked Pope Francis to repatriate the crib fragment" My note - why the blazes are the Vatican relevant in ME peace talks? Warranting a visit by Abbas to Pope Francis? This is a glimpse into the power the Vatican wield in Jerusalem.

Unbelievable. What is a so-called Palestinian doing asking for a fragment of LORD Jesus' crib? And why do the Vatican hold onto ancient relics from Israel - not even attempting to hide the fact that they (the Romans) stole them in the first place? Talking about Bethlehem, the article says of it, " The city (Bethlehem), in the Israeli occupied West Bank, is believed to be the birth place of Jesus". What a load of leftist drivel from a newspaper rag that is very right leaning in every other respect !! This news release was so obviously penned by the Vatican - who are blatantly in competition for control of Jerusalem. Knowing full well that Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people - gifted to them by Almighty God. The Vatican cannot overtly supplant the Jewish people in their quest to control Jerusalem, but they can encourage the Palestinians to destroy the Jewish people. SUCH evil.

Their time is coming to an end.

Wooden fragment of 'baby Jesus's crib' arrives in Jerusalem