Fay (1 Dec 2019)
"No Sabbath. No Israel!"

Bereshit means "In the beginning" or "at the start". Please see the 1st link for the explanation and importance of this word. It will enable you to understand what Rabbi Glazerson is saying in this latest code. "Without the Sabbath, there is NO Israel". Desecrating and forgetting the Sabbath, means rejecting Almighty God. It will prove the last straw for Almighty God. He will turn His face from His beloved Israel and His chosen people. He will allow the onslaught to happen - Ezekiel 38. He will remove His protection for a brief while.

It cannot be emphasised enough what an enormous tragedy this is. The suffering and sorrow that is very nearly upon Israel - and the world. Almighty God's grief and sorrow cannot be humanly understood. The sheer depth of it. If the people of Israel simply remembered the Sabbath and kept it holy to Almighty God, He would have mercy on them. Please forgive us all, Almighty God.

I have absolutely no doubt we are in the end times. Some Christians have crunched the numbers and found that we may have a few years to go. I strongly disagree. Not out of wishful thinking, but out of observation and the rapid unfolding of prophecy. The debacle of the Israeli elections. The fight for power over Israel. Evil is pushing and shoving... and it's in a hurry. And it's not just politicians and Arabs. We have seen the evil of the Satmar sect. Using "religion" and misusing the Torah to demonise Israel and the Holy Land. The evil onslaught is without AND within.

The super moons on Purim Katan and Purim this year, HIGHLIGHTED the story of Purim. Haman and Esther. The striking thing about this story is that Almighty God was seemingly "absent" from the drama. He is not mentioned. The end result of the story of Purim shows that He wasn't absent at all. Haman fomented his hideous plot against the Jewish people at the time frame of Purim. By the same time the following year, Haman and sons were thoroughly defeated. We are watching this drama play out NOW. The super moons informed us of this obvious fact.

Also pause for thought is that Purim 2020 falls on March 10th. Huh! March, 11th, 2020 marks the 9 year anniversary of the Japan EQ and tsunami, which occurred in 2011. The number 9 bringing to mind the human gestation period before birth.

I am not date-setting Purim 2020 for the rapture. I am merely observing. If we make it through to the end of 2019, I will be very surprised.
After all - Purim is for the Jewish people. NOT the church. Christians celebrate Christmas (rightly or wrongly - it is what it is) to make merry and experience joy at the birth of our LORD and Saviour, Jesus Christ. That is what Christmas is supposed to be for the Bible believing church. How very apt it would be for the rapture to happen that day? The New Year is also marked for celebration. For the gentile world and calendar, New Year marks the end of our calendar year and the beginning of another. We differ from the Hebrew calendar. Therefore - wouldn't it stand to reason that Almighty God would deal with the church on that basis too?

Parashat Bereshit - Quick Summar