Fay (1 Dec 2019)
"The Mixed Multitude Arising"

Hi John and Doves,

The more one delves into the way the true Jewish sages study the Torah, the more one realises how we are only just skimming the surface of this incredible book. When we look at the account of Exodus, we hear about a "mixed multitude" who joined the Hebrews in this great escape from Egypt. So many different races and creeds joined the Hebrews in escaping the cruelty and slavery of Egypt. Which seems part of the explanation of the golden calf travesty. This is not to say the Hebrews were entirely blameless in this idolatry but it does inform us of the powerful influences that were among them. Please see the 1st link re this very important information. Doing a google search yourselves will reveal so much more.

As there was a mixed multitude among the Jewish people at the time of the Exodus - the same is true of today. Among the true Jewish people exists a powerful force stemming from this mixed multitude. The leftists who are against Zionism. Against the settlers. Chomping at the bit to give away land "for peace". Desperate to hand over Jerusalem to Islam in exchange for "peace". They are demented to get rid of the religious influence in the Israeli government. Desperate to deny the Torah and the God of Israel. There is huge pressure for Netanyahu to shed the religious parties in order to remain the head of his own party. Benny Gantz, Lieberman and crowd would have a secular government and will NOT negotiate a unity government as long as Bibi continues to include the Torah believing parties in having a strong say in Israeli politics. THAT is the bottom line.

We already see this falling away in the introduction of public transport on the Sabbath. A slow chipping away of the sacred meaning and purpose of the Sabbath..To put it in perspective - it starts with a seemingly reasonable case like Roe v Wade and ends with the wholesale slaughter of tiny babes. It is an insidious, pervasive evil.

In the 2nd link, Rabbi Glazerson has found (in the codes) that the secular people are going to take over the reins of government. And it probably won't be via another election. It will come about via the false accusations of corruption against Netanyahu. Make no error - if these people take over the reins of power,, huge judgement will ensue. For they WILL divide the land and compromise Jerusalem. And they will probably declare "Peace and Safety" once they have done it. They will compromise the settlers and take away their land. Once they have done this and declared Israel "safe and peaceful" as a result, Ezekiel 38 will suddenly kick in. We are seeing the process happening before our very eyes. We need to WATCH and pray.

Please come, LORD Jesus.

Exodus 12:38 Commentaries: A mixed multitude also went up with them, along with flocks and herds, a very large number of livestock.

Youtube Confirm Rabbi Eliyahu on Netanyahu bible code Glazerson