Fay (1 Dec 2019)
"The Tribulation"

In the link is a simple diagram pointing to the tribulation. Tim Foster provided the link on You Tube. There are so many scriptures that give one pause for thought. If we gather all the prophetic verses, referring to this time of Jacob's Trouble, and condense them, it appears that things are going to happen rapidly. I wish I had time to get these verses together but it's Sunday morning and I am racing to get this sent in time for print. Garry B has provided so very many.

As the nations all attack Israel - Almighty God unleashes His wrath. We are told that the soldiers attacking Israel will all turn on each other. Killing each other. We are told that Israel will be clearing the land of dead bodies for 7 months. Mostly bones as the birds and beasts will have eaten all the flesh. Man - that sounds gruesome ! The animals will be glutted with flesh and blood. Then Israel will be placing markers around each bone they find. This for future burial teams to find. We are told that Israel will be using the (now defeated and defunct) nations weapons for fuel for seven years.

This tells me that there will be no grid. No electricity.  It also tells me that Israel has been punished. It's over. They saw the Son of Man - recognised Him as the one they had pierced and are in deep mourning. All the other woes, Trumpets, Bowls appear to focus on a world-wide judgement. Which brings me to the mark of the Beast. How could this be a computer chip if the earth is now wobbling like a drunkard? There appears to be no operating grid. Which means no internet banking system etc. I put it to you that The Mark is done by old fashioned branding OR is a wristband or headband.

The brief document in the link should make us all ponder.

The Words of Jesus concerning the Tribulation.JPG