Fay (1 Dec 2019)
"Damning Report. All being Revealed"

Hi John and Doves,

This has been a week of shocking revelations. In the link below (a Jerusalem Post article) is a report on Qatari bribes and plants within our western governments. Unsurprisingly, Llhan Omar and Linda Sarsour are exposed as Qatari assets, as well as being secret members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The details in the article are mind-blowing. This is no "fake news" type internet rumour. This is being blown wide open on all sorts of social media platforms.. Wait until you see the names involved. I nearly fell off my chair.

What is really worrying is that Jared Kushner has been named as a Qatari asset.. The Qatar's paid him off by relieving his debts over his purchase of  666 Fifth Avenue. It all goes way deeper.with the revelation that the Qatars claim they have infiltrated European governments as well as American. They claim the American's as the cheapest to bribe while the Europeans demand millions.

The point is that the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated our highest institutions in the west. Their influence at the UN is blatant, with all the anti Israel UN votes. Obama's anti Israel stance was in-your-face. Please read the article in full. It will make you feel as if there has been a dimensional shift... it's so shocking. Note the names of the people involved in exposing all this. Rock solid. With Dinesh Da Souza saying that "This is just the tip of the iceberg"..

I have also read about past corrupt Israeli politicians. All from the left. The anti-Zionists. The Israeli men who would sell Israel to the nearest bidder if they paid a high enough price. And the bidders are always Muslim affiliated. The whole, stinking, fetid pile is shocking beyond belief. Ehud Barak is but one of the names. There is HUGE interference afoot to destroy Netanyahu. The filthy pollitical machinations are hard at work to bring in a leftist government. One that WILL divide the land of Israel and grant half of Jerusalem to the muslims.

The miracle that Israel is still standing, amidst all this evil corruption, can only be attributed to Almighty God.  As this is now all being revealed - we can rely on the fact that our LORD is coming. He is nearly here. Hallelujah. Take heart, Doves. Courage. Almighty God is in control of every single thing.

Praying for the peace of Jerusalem, Almighty God. In Jesus' beloved Name.

Ilhan Omar deposition text also names Sarsour and Kushner as Qatari assets