1 Cor 10:31 (29 Dec 2019)
"Five Doves site down for the count, or UP & running again soon??"

Hi Tng & other Doves …..

John, we know you’re aware that Five Doves is down – we HOPE this is just temporary!!  And that you’re not throwing in the towel!

Of course, no one could blame you if you did – as it must be a MIGHTY responsibility to run such a site all by yourself!  And one which is read world-wide!

Also, my own 2 cents here:   I know there’ve been plenty of times over these past handful of years when I have asked myself time & again should I have spent ALL THAT MUCH TIME watching for the Lord to come?  Hope no one gets me wrong here…… OF COURSE we are admonished over & over again TOOOOO WATCH!!!!!   To BE WATCHING when it’s time!!

And for the lot of us who’ve had our heads crooked to the sky for 20 years +/-…… then it seems like forever…… though God does not go by the same time allotment & to Him, it’s a mere drop in the bucket of time.

At any rate, we are equally admonished to REDEEM THE TIME – which will of course be different for each person.  A time & a season for everything under heaven!!   One will be working at a job, one will be resting, one will be sick and/or recuperating, one may be traveling, one will be marrying, one will be patiently & lovingly changing diapers.  Nothing is unimportant when done as unto the Lord.  We should seek His will for our individual lives.

But just speaking of myself, there’ve been times I wish I would have invested my time in other ways – IN ADDITION to constant watching of course!

I don’t want to lose any heavenly rewards when I should’ve been doing something else – and have to explain it was cause I was too busy “watching”. 

Hopefully this makes sense!

Unless I had planned an actual “career” of Bible prophecy….. similar to Jan Markell or Terry James as well as many others.

At any rate, we’ll be watching & hoping for the site to make it back up soon!

And speaking of soon:  the rapture cannot happen S-O-O-N   E-N-O-U-G-H!!!!   I really expect it to be a different world, far more violent than present – by the end of 2020….. about the time of the Pres. election.  So let’s all remember to watch and pray always to be accounted worthy to escape and to stand before the Son of Man!!  * Luke 21:36

Amen & Maranatha!!