1 Cor 10:31 (1 Dec 2019)
"Did you have a good Thanksgiving?"

Let’s not allow our thanksgiving and thanks living to END there this past Thursday!!  Scripture is replete with how we are to develop thankful hearts to the Lord & be thankful to Him at all times.


BTW, did your gelatin dessert contain “dimethylpolysiloxane”?  Um, chances are possible and even probable.  Ever wonder why you/we don’t feel well so often?


Here, please let me share what you just consumed!!   https://stoppoisoningus.org/dimethylpolysiloxane/



This is a very toxic world we live in!  Just breathing makes it nigh impossible to not get poisoned!  [counted 20…. TWENTY!!!  Chemtrails over my area in just ONE day!!!]  “they” are at it day & night now…. forget agenda 21 – but they are in full throttle to make it by agenda 30.  This is not conspiracy, this is flat out truth.


I always find it interesting they want to kill off 90% of the population – and guess approx.. how many WILL die or be killed during the Tribulation???  Almost to the inth degree!!  90%!!!!!


At any rate, back to food poisons:  none of us get out of here alive (unless raptured first, though I’ve known several over the years who always expected the rapture yet they got taken in other ways….)   And FTR, I DO expect the rapture soon!  Hopefully/prayerfully before the next U.S. Presidential election – as that may be the straw on the camel’s back – which finally causes this country to erupt in civil war!!!  And nope, that’s not just “talk” either, surely you’ve read on various sites where many people are predicting civil war!!   THERE WILL BE!!!!  Jeremiah 50 & 51 explains it.  It will be far worse than the first civil war.


In the meantime, while we are here:  shouldn’t we take extra of these “temples” as much as possible?  Not as a “full time job” (though admittedly it often if FEELS that way!)  Reading every label…. Trying to find time to eat and/or cook naturally/organically as much as possible.  BTW, if any company anywhere near me ever developed a “fast food drive through HEALTHY food joint” ~ bet I’d be there nearly every day!  I’d buy stock in the place!! 

One sticking point:  how would they make a profit?  And isn’t that bottom line?  Yet, no business can STAY in business without making a profit. So naturally they’re going to fry foods in canola oil and put cheap poison fillers in food.  “Want fries with that?”


Oh how I envy the ‘60s and even ‘70s ~ maybe clear into the ‘80s before we even had to CONSIDER GMO foods & the many poisonous pesticides sprayed on everything!!! 


The gelatin dessert I speak of was something I’d purchased “ready-made” at the grocery store deli last week…. when I was tired, worn out – simply did not have time nor desire to cook that evening.  Ate a few bites of it – within an hour noticed I didn’t feel all that great.  WONDERFUL!  We’re required to put one foot in front of the other – to keep moving forward & getting our daily work/tasks done – yet we now must do it while feeling P U N Y…. from being poisoned by food!!  Anyway, AFTER I ate it (and yes, it did taste good, but that’s besides the point….)  I then read the ingredients.


YUM!!  ARTIFICAL flavoring…. [often comes from beaver butt squeezings y’all!!  GAG….. gross!!!!!  Do your own research!!]   Yellow #6, Blue #1, Red #40…. Potassium sorbate (itching, rashes, redness, mouth, throat, even your EYES can itch!!...runny nose, congestion, and abdominal pain….also migraines….)  are we enjoying our gelatin dessert yet??!!  Let’s not forget fumaric acid….. but the one ingredient that really rocked my boat was dimethylpolysiloxane!!!!!   Even before I researched it…. I thought oh goodnight, WHAT did I JUST EAT??!!!! 

Poly = well that tells me “plastic” or synthetic anything (think polyester from the ‘70s!!)…. And the silo…. Part – sounded far too much like silicone (your husband CAULKED around your sink lately??)  Cause that’s pretty much what you just ate!!!!!


Not trying to ruin anyone’s Thanksgiving – or regular daily appetites at all.  Just that I’m a natural health person who enjoys studying this stuff.  Believe me when I say that, sadly, most people I personally know will just shrug it off as in, “Oh well!  Got to eat something!”  So who cares… attitude….”pass the gravy please, oh & I want some more of that artificially flavored gelatin…”  And I’ll digest it later…..


They “might”….. IF it is digestible!!  What if it SITS THERE – and lines your liver with sludge – means you’re going to be sick later on – making many doctors richer.  I’ve heard it said that “they” don’t want us dead (for now) but they like us to be sick – and dependent on them because the more meds we take, the more vacations they take!  This is not a jab against ALL doctors, I’ve been blessed to know some very good ones, ones who are compassionate & very much care about our wellbeing.  Too bad they always think prescription medicines are the way to go though.


“My” thoughts & opinions are over with for now!


Cannot wait to TASTE **REAL** food (without all the nasties in it)  at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb!!!!


AMEN & EVEN SO, COME Lord Jesus!!!!!!!!

Please come soon!!


Luke 21:36 WATCH ye therefore, and PRAY ALWAYS, that ye “may be” accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass.


[punctuation & capitalization mine]