Fay (30 Dec 2018)
"Even more and more on Prince"

This is a 5 hour documentary. I whizzed through it.Simply because the mindless ENDLESS details do my head in. However,it's pretty obvious that this man is powerful and is a massive mover and shaker. Otherwise, why would he be questioned like this? Why is he attached to everything from Benghazi to Timbuktu? I know this is from 2007 but what makes me riveted by this man is that his company have been issuing ads, telling the world that they are coming.  Now - present tense. He's back. Please see my previous posts. He's attractive - intelligent - charming - could convince you that black is white  etc. I find him fascinating. I could be very wrong but I reckon that this is the way war is going. And here is a man who is not really affiliated to any cause. He's a man of war and commerce. He doesn't have to adhere to any creed or religion - he's not up for election. He doesn't have to answer to anyone or please anyone, really.

I don't believe it's a stretch to believe that this chap is a contender for a major role in end-time events.

Private Security Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan: Erik Prince Testimony - Legal Issues (2007)