Fay (30 Dec 2018)
"Fascinating and Nauseating"

More on Blackwater and it's founder, Erik Prince. It's astounding... how much war is a business. This man is something else. His first name, Erik, is rather Germanic. His 2nd name, Prince..... well, it speaks for itself.

I haven't done nearly enough research to form an absolute opinion as to whether this man is a major mover and shaker in prophecy but my senses are buzzing. Erik Prince does a lot of dirty work in war. He makes money out of it .Big time. His name has been coming to the fore ever since President Trump announced the USA withdrawal from Syria. 

Blackwater has assumed different guises but has recently put out an ad saying that they are coming. The plot doth thicken. If you have time, do your research into this murky world. 

Blackwater Founder Fights For Reputation

Erik Prince | Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union