Fay (30 Dec 2018)
"Gino re Very Disconcerting"


Hi Gino,

Disconcerting indeed. I couldn't agree more. It's all very weird. Almost like satan's useful idiots are making prophecy come about. Satan knows prophecy, so he is manipulating humans to bring it about ....but attempting to twist it to fit his agenda. This because satan wants to fool Christians as well as the world. He will succeed to a degree - with people who don't know their Bible. He's relying on ignorance.

People are going to be panicked after the rapture. Madly trying to get their hands on Bibles etc. Imagine, if you will, a religious figure (the AC) coming into world focus and interpreting the Bible for them. Claiming to hold the key to knowledge of what the scriptures say. According to scripture, this AC will not regard the god of his fathers etc. This AC will manipulate scripture to ensure world wide worship (of the ignorant and uninformed).

I agree with Garry B's belief that there will be few believers left in the Great Tribulation. Gleanings. People are going to be hammered by all sorts of plagues and vileness, to get them to believe. Alas - there will be some who will remain blind. But, our Almighty God wishes that NONE are lost. Therefore, they will be given every single chance to repent. I am beginning to realise that those who refuse to repent are those who rather like being institutionalized. Imprisoned. They don't like to have to make decisions and would have decisions made for them. Brain dead and soul dead. They would prefer to believe earthly lies.

I ache for our LORD to rescue this world. We are all tired.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus.