Paul Wilson (24 Dec 2017)
"Why God had Trump Elected"

I think the reason God had Trump elected was to show christians just how far gone America is and that politics will NOT solve the problem. We have passed the point of no return as far as judgment coming however there will be a chance after judgment for whatever remains of this once great nation to get right with God. (NO I am NOT saying God COULDN'T turn America around and return us to him but that he WOULDN'T because of his justness and his holiness) America as a nation will not survive judgment but she will break into smaller nations some will return to God and some will not. Those that do will see his blessings and provisions for living out the Tribulation. Those that donít will see complete judgment.

This is a Spiritual problem we have here in America not a political, economic, or even a social one. Those are mere symptoms of the underlying disease. It is like you have a brain tumor and it is giving you a headache so you take a aspirin. You have treated the symptom, the headache, but not the underlying disease, the tumor.

If We had done a massive D-Day style spiritual offensive when we had Reagan we might have been able to do something to change America. even if we had done that under George W. Bush we might have been able to change the nation. With Dubya we simply rolled over and went to sleep because 'we had Godís man in the white houseí so we could just relax and let revival spread from DC to the rest of the nation. Even now with Trump in office there is still now MASSIVE spiritual offensive out there we are still relying on DC to start the revival as if a revival can simply be voted into existence. Trump's election was to show christians they true nature of not only America but of the American church. To prove to us that it is too late to avoid his judgment and to prepare things so what is left can choose Him and reject satan. To prove to us that it isnít the president or congress that would start revival it would have to come from the people. That while politics can solve some secular problems it can not solve a spiritual problem. Revival must spread FROM the towns,villages and cities of America TO DC not the other way around. That not matter how Good a politician is he or she is NOTHING compared to Christ. We have for too long sought political power to save the nation. the Church must return to her first love. Unfortunately it will take a act of God, Judgment, to force the church back to him. A Judgment so sever the church will have no choice but to rely on him to survive.

Unfortunately we have not been on fire in the past century plus and satan's people have. As Yeats Poem says ďThe best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.Ē 

Paul Wilson

"If man will not be governed from within he must be governed from without."