Lauren (24 Dec 2017)


EXPOSING the "490 year" LIE of Sir Robert Anderson has set the “seven year tribulation” gurus backwards and should have them scrambling. Their stiff necked attitude to believe in a MAN MADE prophecy written by a man who died 35 years before Israel became a nation today falls under the guise of “fake news” and is a lie.

The Bible commentators who whole heartedly endorsed his theory in many of our English Bibles comment sections made it very convenient for the buyers of their books to NOT study this prophecy and be approved! 2 Timothy 2:15

Yet in God’s eyes they have not rightly divided the word of TRUTH and should be ASHAMED. Yeshua told us in Luke 21:20 that when Jerusalem is surrounded with armies know that desolation is near, while in Matthew 24:15 it is bracketed with [who so reads, let him understand] 

That UN vote AGAINST JERUSALEM becoming Israel’s capitol should wake everyone up regarding the fulfillment of these texts along with the 'shortness of time' left to the end of the 6018 years. The enemies of Israel are nudging ever closer to her borders daily and that vote will add fuel to their encompassing it!

Unless these who love this lie REPENT within these remaining three months, it will surely catch them unawares suddenly as a snare along with all who dwell on the earth and they will not be counted worthy to escape all these things. Luke 21:34-36

They are believing in a manmade lie and ARE NOT trusting in God’s word and are looking to escape out of tribulation as liars! Now go figure that one out!

That seventh verse from the end of the Bible, Revelation 22:15 makes it clear that there are “six types” of sinners who do not enter into the city, and notice the “liars” are the only one with two adjectives addressed to them! It is very clear to me that this man made lie is LOVED with ‘nary a peep’ rebuking it over these past 45 years, in writing, sermon or video!

Listen closely to any video or audio on the last days and the time we live today and 90% of the time you will hear it told unashamedly as gospel with neither eye blinking that, a 7 yet future or minimum 3.5 year tribulation is still ahead of us.

Instead of heeding the words of Yeshua and reading and understanding the Prophet Daniel and NOT become brainwashed by Sir Robert Anderson’s ‘The Coming Prince’ in there Bible commentaries they possibly today would UNDERSTAND the significance of the “Seventy Years” between March 21, and May 14, 1948 and the times of chaos in our country and the world today? Daniel 9:2

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, REPENT the Kingdom of God and the authority of His Messiah is at hand, your Ezekiel 33:6 watching one