Jean Stepnoski (24 Dec 2017)
"The Rosh Chodesh = The Monthly Covenant Day (As in Tevet 1, 12-19-2017) and Tevet 10, 12-28 to 29, 2017"

   The Hanukkah Days for 2017 are past. The date of Tevet 1, day 1 of the 10th month on the Torah Calendar is past. Why was Tevet 1 important on 12-19-2017? It was the Rosh Chodesh of the 10th month of the Spiritual Year for Israel. The Rosh Chodesh is about much more than signs in the Moon and Sun each month. and a monthly renewal of lunar cycle. Abba Father and the Messiah honor it and observe it, The House of Israel honors it and observes it. And Isaiah promises that THE ROSH CHODESH WILL BE OBSERVED EVERY MONTH DURING THE MILLENIAL REIGN OF THE MESSIAH ALONG WITH THE WEEKLY DAY 7 SHABBATS. All people in the Kingdom of Abba Father and His Son will observe these days. It will NOT be a divided kingdom of Gentile Christians over here and House of Israel over there. Each and all will honor and observe these days. These are part of a spiritual ranking system of days: Weekly 7th Day Shabbats (Feast #1 of the Feasts of the Lord and Feasts 2-7, then the Monthly Rosh Chodesh, then the 4 Fast Days mentioned by Zechariah, then Hanukkah and Purim.

   The Shabbat is a sign of the set apart people and THE WEEKLY COVENANT RENEWAL DAY. Another sign of the set apart people is the Rosh Chodesh, THE MONTHLY COVENANT RENEWAL DAY. When we look to the 4 Fast Days we see that the last on the annual cycle is just ahead from 12-28 to 29, 2017 on the Torah Calendar. This will be Tevet 10. Each of the 4 days are days of fasting and mourning. Zechariah promises that these will become days of joy and gladness. Might Tevet 10 in 2017 become a day of joy and gladness with the event that day of The Blessed Hope? Christ mentions FASTING in 3 of the 4 Gospels. Underscored thrice, this is a SCRIPTURAL RED FLAG! Tevet 10 will be a 3rd Day. How? It is 3 days before 12-31, the ending day on the Gregorian Calendar. The Messiah of Israel, Christ the Lord, has promised to come "at a time you think not" for His sheep, bride, body, family of the Ages. TEVET 10 IS OBSCURE. Few know about it. Few honor it and observe it with fasting from sunrise to sunset. FOR MANY IT IS A NOTHING DAY. According to Jewish custom, the groom and bride fast before going to the chuppah (the wedding canopy.) Part of the Ancient Jewish Wedding Model which the Messiah will honor and observe?

   Those "holding to the word of my patience" according to The Book of Revelation are those of the suffering ecclesia at Smyrna and of Philadelphia. They are the 2 of the 7 congregations which are spiritually on track and not rebuked for anything. Some at Smyrna are into prison for 10 days, some onto death. They are promised The Crown of Life. This is 1 of the 5 Crowns (Wedding Presents) which Christ will bestow at the Bema Set. Might we be in the final countdown, 10 days to conclude The Age of Grace? Blessed Tevet 10, dear Doves!

With Love and Shalom,