James Brownlow (24 Dec 2017)


John and Doves :

Rev Sandy of Soldiers for Christ has posted a  new youtube video linked below... here are a few points made....

There are exactly 120 days from the great American eclipse of Aug 21, 2017 to the last day of Hanukkah , Dec 20 , 2017. In scripture 120 is significant. It is one of 4 three digit triangular numbers found in the New Testament. As a number 120 signifies "a turning point".

1. Moses lived 120 years. His death concluded, in type, the law.Then the Jordan was crossed.
2. Noah was 120 years building the ark and preaching. Then the flood came.
3. God has promised to strive with man no more than 120 years.( meaning jubilees) Gen 6:3
4.There were 600,000 men departing Egypt or 120 x 5,000. Ex. 12:37
5.There were 42,360 captives  returning from Babylon. 120x353. Ezra 2:64
6.There are 120 x 12,000 or 144,000  saints in Rev 12
7.There were 120 believers in the upper room. Acts 1:15
8.Jonah, following an eclipse, preaches in Ninevah and 120,000 are saved. Jonah 4:11
9.Psalm 120 -- A Psalm of Ascent
10. In Hebrew, if you write out "120 and years" the  word value is 46 (120) +6(and) +620 (years).The letter vav (6) means salvation and is  always removed from any name in scripture when a person sins and then added back to their name only if and  when they have repented. So here, if you remove the vav   (6) meaning 'and" and representing salvation, the remaining total is 666 .. 620+46=666.... Vav is shaped like a nail. A nail connects or in crucifixion it kills. Every sin strikes the nail. We can be indifferent. Or we can seek another course. Go to 11:20 on the video for a full explanation.
11. 120 years since the first Zionist Congress met in Basel, Switzerland in 1897. There is both a year and a day connection to 120.
12. In Hebrew, the word "pillar" is the number 120.

Taking the last point , consider "pillar."
The Lord led the Hebrews in the wilderness with a "pillar" , both day and night. Why a pillar when a cloud would suffice ? The verse  1Timothy 3:15 tells us ---But if I tarry long (am delayed) that thou may know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth--- The pillar is the church. This can also be seen in the  numeric value of Hebrew words as they correlate to Greek by a factor of 10. Passover in Hebrew is 148. Multiply it by 10 gives 1480 , which is Christ in Greek. Likewise, dove in Hebrew is 71. Multiply it by 10 is 710 , which is Holy Spirit in Greek. And here, pillar is 120 in Hebrew. Multiplied by 10 is 1200 which in Greek is congregation or church.Hebrew gives a picture, Greek clarifies the word picture.

Remember what Samson did ? He removed the pillars (120) and then came destruction. Samson had a riddle which was a prophecy.
There are 7 women in the scripture who were specially touched in having a child.... Sarah,Rebecca, Rachel, Samson's un-named mother,Hannah, Elizabeth, and Mary. Like a menorah with seven lamps, the middle one is the servant lamp used to light the others. The middle (4th one here) is Samson , a dual type of both messiah and of Israel. Fourth relates to the Messiah ... Judah was the 4th son, the sun was created the 4th day, Jesus came at 4,000 years, the lamb was killed on the 4th day, etc.
 Samson, a jew, desired a certain gentile bride. Judges 14:2. Alone, he came to the vineyard ,    (where he should not be) and a young lion roared against him. That lion is of the tribe of Judah and  roars against sin. Instead of changing course, Samson kills it. Then bees fill the lion's body. The Hebrew word "bees" means "word". Of course, Jesus is the Word.Samson tastes the honey being produced by the word and gives some to his parents and it is sweet..Now later Samson is captured and blinded. When he is placed between two pillars and surrounded by the enemy, he removes the pillars and destroys the enemy. The church is the pillar holding back evil , and once removed, destruction follows.

There is also, a possible connection between the Sept 23,2017 "great sign" in Rev 12 and Moses.  
" A woman conceived and bare a son. And when she saw him that he was a goodly (child), she hid him three months...." Hanukkah will be three months since the great sign of Sept. 23. Exodus 2:2.  

Much has been written about Hanukkah this year. No one has explained the 10 days of Smyrna's tribulation nor why there is a call for flight not being in winter. Winter begins on the last day of Hanukkah. Multiple signs abound. Keep watching.