Fay (24 Dec 2017)
"Fascinating Discovery re the U.N."

I have gone on about the total solar eclipse that occurred in June 2001. I focused on the fact that 9/11 happened 3 months after this eclipse. What had passed me by was this hateful Durban Conference that took place in South Africa from the 31st August to 8th September, 2001. It happened under the auspices of the United Nations! 3 days later, 9/11 happened. Read the link to see the hideous judgments this conference made against Israel. My point is that the hateful U.N. was behind this conference. Man - the penny dropped for me... big time. 9/11 was a shot across the bow to the U.N., whose HQ is housed in New York. The total eclipse was a warning to the U.N. AND to Africa, for hosting this diabolical conference. Which now clarifies, for me at least, why the total solar eclipse happened across America in 2017. Another serious and dire warning to the U.N. Something HUGE is coming, Doves. And SOON. 

Praise God for showing me the connection between the solar eclipse in Southern Africa in 2001, the United Nations and 9/11. The warning of the 2017 solar eclipse has not stopped the tide of Israel hatred and the United Nations is hurtling towards severe judgment. They are making things worse and worse for themselves. But now I understand that the common denominator in all this, is the wretched United Nations. By their words and actions, they have virtually given the muslim world permission to take action against Israel. Tacitly implying that they will stand by and do nothing when the marauding hordes attack little Israel.

Thank you, Father God, for giving me clarity and understanding.

In Jesus' beloved Name.

World Conference against Racism 2001