Fay (24 Dec 2017)

A fantastic article from the Rapture Ready website. Brilliant. Anyone who denies that our brothers and sisters in the Biblical lands of the Middle East and North Africa, aren't suffering tribulation (and have done since 2011) are denying the truth that is before our very eyes. It is nearly 7 years since the pale green horse of Revelation was seen in Tahrir Square in Egypt. The beginning of the so-called Arab Spring.That was in February 2011. Things have escalated tremendously since then. The plight of the Christians in the Middle East and North Africa is dire. Appalling. We don't even know the half of it. Scripture warned Jews and Christians to "come out of her, my people" so that we don't share in Babylon's sins. It has never been a good idea to live in an Islamic nation when one is a Christian or a Jew. Now.... it's positively suicidal.

After the rapture, the hardcore Islamic "migrants" are going to turn on their host countries. Mr and Mrs Jo Average, who have neglected their faith or ignored it, will enter into perilous times. Forcing them to make the choice. Submit to God or submit to evil. Even if it means being beheaded for making the right choice. Israel will be in perilous times. Dreadful times. Also being forced to turn back to God.To REPENT and submit to Almighty God. Once this time of "testing" is over, it will be pretty obvious just who the sheep and goats are.

Please read this illuminating article. We are on the verge of the greatest adventure of our lives.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus.