Fay (24 Dec 2017)
"The Power of Love"

Almighty God's love. This is one of the best NDE's I have heard. It's short and simple and you can feel the power of God's love shine out of this man. It's a timely reminder to all of us, just how very much God loves us. It's a love that we can't comprehend in this realm. We may be impatient to get home to Him and suffer angst when high rapture dates come and go. We don't realise that Almighty God is eager to have us home to be with Him. His timing is His own.

Saying that.... we are so close, Doves. It's going to take very little for WW3 to start. The prophesied attack upon Israel. Incurring God's wrath. Everything is in place. 70 years have passed since the now beastly U.N. agreed to reinstate Israel as a nation again. The Muslim world has built up it's rogue armies - with ISIS formed into an entity of it's own. Mercenaries for sale to the highest bidder. President Trump recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital has created a fast building tsunami that is on the verge of exploding into life. Jerusalem has become that burdensome stone.

May you all have a blessed Christmas.

In Christ


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