Fay (24 Dec 2017)
"But God....."

Pastor JD's favourite saying.... But God.. This article made me laugh. Not because it's particularly amusing in itself, but it just goes to show how our Almighty Father God is in control of everything. The Dems have performed triple back somersaults with a loop and pas de Deux to get President Trump out and themselves back in. Hilary is still suffering multiple post traumatic stress jerks at her loss. They are truly flummoxed as to why they lost so mightily. After all - they had it rigged in their favour (by all accounts). SO rigged, apparently, that they are fully convinced that the Russians simply must have pulled a fast one. They most certainly didn't figure on the "But God..." formula. This formula has worked so well that they are all turning on each other and getting themselves in a terrible muddle. I must try not to gloat.

We must remember that our LORD is always in charge. We know that we are hurtling towards the end times. We are impatient and desperate to get home. We must never despair, no matter what our circumstances. Jesus will come back on a day that we do not expect. I know how depressing it is when rapture dates come and go, but.... I am still very watchful for Christmas through to the new year. After that .... well, I KNOW that time is up very soon. Watching Israel and praying.

U.S. lawmakers stunned at claim DNC ‘destroyed’ server