Elisabeth (24 Dec 2017)
"article for your 5 Doves site"

Dear John Tng,

I have never posted to your website before but have been reading it for quite a few years now and eagerly await each new update.  The story I would like to share happened this past week - Ella's mother is a co-worker of my sister. 

Many thanks for all you have done encouraging so many people throughout the world.

Ella's Wish for this Christmas
Ella is a 5 year old girl from Canada. Her parents are not particularly religious and her mother is quite puzzled by a couple of things Ella would like for Christmas this year.

First, she would like all the people who have died to come out of their graves and live again. As it happens, her grandmother passed away this summer and Ella did see her body in the coffin. Her mother has assumed she is just missing grandma and wants her to come back.

Secondly, she wants her big castle. She has been seeing visions of this amazing castle which has two very different sides to it. Her mother assumed she wants a big dollhouse and said, Lets go online and see if we can find the right one. Ella replied, no mommy, you can't buy this kind of one on the computer because it's real and its way bigger than they could send to us in the mail. She has been having dreams of it but can't quite explain it.

Hope this encourages you as it did me.