Douglas Henney (24 Dec 2017)

Recently I have become increasingly aware of a kind of thinking within parts of the "watching for Jesus' return" community that I think subtly undermines what Jesus has accomplished for us, and especially those of us in the body of Christ.

Other believers and "churches" are being judged by a law that basically presumes that if one is not actively watching for Jesus' coming for us, then they stand before God with less favor.  These folks even go so far as to state that judgements soon to come upon the United States such as massive earthquakes, tsunamis, and war are from God to wake these folks up.

Yet, what do the scriptures say?  Having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.  There is therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus  Jesus is our righteousness.  Who can bring a charge against God's elect when it is Jesus Himself who died for us?  We have been crucified together with Christ so we no longer live but Christ lives in us.  Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will not take into account.  We are to not boast in anything except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Grace, grace, grace.

Another verse expresses, "what do we have that we have not received?  And if we received it then why do we boast as if we have not received it?"

Are you watching for Jesus' return?  It is because God has worked within you both to will and to do His good pleasure.  Why do the 24 elders in Revelation cast their crowns before Jesus?

It is a sin to not have ones hope in Jesus and His soon return to take us home?  Perhaps.  But who are we to dictate to the Father the timeframe by which He reveals aspects of His truth to the heart of a particular brother or sister?  Like what Jesus said to Peter when he asked what would happen to John.  "What is that to you, you follow Me."

So, is God bringing judgements upon folks in the body of Christ to wake them up?  Name one sin they have or are commiting that has not already been dealt with completely by the blood sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Our Father is at peace with them.  They are completely reconciled with God.  If a person is a new creation in Christ then they are set!

All and only because of Jesus.  Grace, grace, grace.

In "waking up" "asleep" believers, what is to be gained?  The Father has already given us His Son, and anything else is freely given to us.

A frequent error in the thinking of some in the watching community is not rightly dividing the scriptures to understand what sections are directed to Israel and which are directed to the body of Christ.  Paul is our apostle.  Peter, James, John are apostles to the circumcision.

I know some in the body of Christ who have significant levels of dementia.  They are not "watching for Jesus' return".  How does the Father relate to them?

Simple.  In Christ. 

We cannot add to Jesus.  Grace.  Praise God for what Jesus did and the mind blowing extreme it applies to us.  We have been blessed with every spiritual blessing because of Jesus alone.

Might we experience some severe judgements on this country?  Possible.  Will such wake folks up to the times we are in?  Likely.  Will those awakened folks gain anything more from God that has not already been given to them because of Jesus?  Absolutely not.

Grace, grace, grace.