TH (25 Dec 2016)


        As I watch the "tube" I am amazed at the creativity? of those putting together
the sympathy ads for "abused" animals.  Heart wrenching.  Poor, poor things, so
sad.  People are thoughtless and cruel (and lazy), not wanting to deal with anything
that might cut into their fun time.  "Feed the Dog" !   Oh, do I haffta ? Gee, I can never
have any fun. Take out the garbage, do your homework, feed the dog, boy, when I get
older I'm NOT doin any of that stuff and you can't make me.  I'm not gonna do anything
that I don't wanna do.   I think the ULTIMATE HYPOCRISY are those that are so caring
for Fido, yet have NO PROBLEM whatsoever, Flushing Fred down the TOILET. And these
people are your next door neighbors. The only thing I hang onto in this horrible epoch
of mankind, is that the flushers are, themselves, going to be flushed. The big, .. BIG
DIFFERENCE  is that those flushed in this timeline will be sitting on GOD'S knee while
HE flushes their flushers. I am flushed w/ HIS JUSTICE. So will be the Flushed who
never got a chance to LOVE JESUS in this Timeline. Perhaps they will indeed be more
BLESSED for not having been tainted by being "born in sin" like the rest of us. I KNOW
that GOD is JUST and that those that had their spinal cords snipped while in their
Mommy's Womb, will have their day !   And OOOH !  What a day that will be be ! !
Talk about your WEEPING and GNASHING !   Tears and tears !  "I didn't know" ! !
The hell you didn't, you knew in your gut it was wrong, but since it was going to let
you keep on doing "your thang"... YOU went for it !  Yeah !  YOU DID IT...NO ONE
ELSE....don't look around...look in the mirror !  Your type are always looking to blame
anybody or anything for your mistakes and selfish choices, and the sympathetic left
wing media won't be there to ease your conscience.....GOD WILL PLAY YOUR TAPE !
Ta Da !  Look at this everybody, whatcha all think ?  See why I'M CONDEMNING this
one ?  Yeah LORD, we do !  ...... and we also know why YOU are CONDEMNING those
that have facilitated those who trusted them to be telling the Truth, will join them in their
Hell....the aborters, will, ..they themselves be "aborted" and their coaches.....for ETERNITY ! ! !

                              T H