TH (25 Dec 2016)


                               REVIVAL =  REVEAL

       There' a NEW SHERIFF in Town, and the Globalists are in a Panic. They fear ALL
of their schemes and criminal activities are in Peril. If it wasn't so pathetic it would be
a Great Comedy, a Comedy of Errors. Hand Ringing, Weeping, Looting, oh my !  Not
only is there a Change at the Top, there also is an awakening Spiritually.  THINGS are
being Made Known, just as the Bible said there would be, as a Sign of the END TIMES.  
Lest we loose our focus on the Enemy due to our Happiness, due to this Change, we
should also be mindful of other End Time Prophecy. The "left" is going to appeal to
their demonic handlers and beg them to make this nightmare go away. One SURE way
to Stop what they fear to be the loss of their Power under our New Leadership, would
be for an announcement of an "Extra-Terrestrial" Presence here on Earth. In other
words, for the demons to show themselves. This would certainly take the wind out
of the sails of the change we are so excited about. The vatican has already laid the
groundwork for this. They have been "hinting" of this as a probability and so have
invested heavily in this scenario. And as the vatican NEVER spends money to lose,
it's GOING to Happen. The question is when ?  NOW would be the PERFECT TIME !
The globalists are no doubt pleading with the pope so THEY don't LOSE all THEY have
invested in their agenda. What will satan's vicar decide ?  We will have to wait and see.
Meantime, WE shouldn't lose our Focus on OUR AGENDA...our Relationship with
JESUS. We are going to have to rely on HIM like Never Before. We MUST Re-Kindle
our First Love and Nurture it's Growth in order to Rise Above the coming evil. We will
SURELY be the Target of the demons when they show up and they KNOW each and
Every one of us. Don't bet they Don't !  We NEED to HEAR HIS VOICE now more than
EVER if we expect and hope to stay Out of the coming horror. Time to re-comfirm
our SHEEP status, so we Fall Under the Protection of our SHEPHERD !   TALK to
      HIM TODAY.....there is No Time to Lose !

                                     MARANATHA !

                                             T H