Ted Porter (25 Dec 2016)
"Merry Christmas!  New Revelation 12 Interpretation"

Merry Christmas!  New Revelation 12 Interpretation
Luis Vega is a gifted illustrator and has done another excellent job with “THE VIRGO MOON CYCLES - Gestation of Jupiter in ‘Womb’ of Virgo".
Notice the time of Jupiter in the “womb of Virgo” is from November 20, 2016 through September 9, 2017.  This is shown as the gestation period and is calculated as 293 days or 9 months, 20 days, or 41 weeks and 6 days.  However, if one includes the day of September 9, 2017 in the day count, the time of Jupiter in the womb of Virgo comes out to be exactly 42 weeks.  In the Bible, the number 42 is intimately involved with Christ’s Second Coming, both the Rapture and His triumphal return as Prince.
The actual Revelation 12 sign fulfillment in the sky as shown in Luis' illustration and various online videos won’t be till September 23, 2017.  This is exactly 2 more weeks, making a total of 44 weeks inclusively from November 20, 2016.  Even though September 9, 2017 appears more related to the number 42, because of the sign fulfillment of the Saints being spirited away for 1260 days as described in Revelation 12, September 23, 2017 should be considered a more likely Rapture date.
Now for the interpretation.  Consider the gestation period does not begin when Jupiter first enters the womb of Virgo but not until after the Moon joins Jupiter in the womb of Virgo.  From Luis’ illustration the moon enters Virgo on November 25, 2016 after Jupiter enters Virgo on November 20, 2016.
However, there is controversy whether Jupiter enters Virgo in November 2016 or December 2016.  Other web sites using astronomical software as well show the constellation Virgo as not having a straight line between the stars Spica and Porrima to delineate the womb.  Instead, the constellation Virgo between Spica and Pomma is shown connecting through theta Vir / tau Vir, a double star.  With this as the correct constellation outline, Jupiter does not entering the womb till around December 18, 2016. That would mean gestation could not occur till the Moon again enters the constellation’s womb.  From Luis’ illustration, this appears to occur on December 22, 2016.  In human sexuality, fertilization occurs in a fallopian tube and then it normally takes three days for the fertilized egg to descend to the uterus/womb and attach to the wall so the baby can start developing.  Add three days to December 22, 2016 and one arrives at Christmas Day, December 25th, 2016.  And Chanukah as well this year begins at sunset on Christmas Eve.  Merry Christmas!
It should be noted if it hasn’t already that Virgo is the 6th sign of the constellations and that Man was created on the 6th day.  In addition, this Revelation 12 sign is appearing at what we believe is the end of 6,000 years after Adam was created.  
And even in darkness, as is the teaching of astrology, some original light may shine through.  Astrology is fixed at how the stars shown overhead 2000 years ago.  Those born between August 23rd and September 22nd are said to have been born under the sign of Virgo.  We have Jupiter, the King Planet, representing the King of Kings, in the constellation Virgo, being born on September 9, 2017.
For the record, counting inclusively from December 25, 2016 to September 9, 2017 is exactly 37 weeks, to September 23, 2017, exactly 39 weeks.  Human gestation is normally considered as 266 days or 38 weeks.
Now since we need both Jupiter and the Moon together to start gestation in the constellation Virgo, which one represents the male sperm and which one represents the female egg?  At first glance, Jupiter being the largest planet, the King planet, has been associated with the male sex.  The Moon has a period of 27.3 days with respect to the constellations, such as when the moon is again in the constellation Virgo.  This is very close to the average period, yes it is also called a period for the same reason, of 28 days for menses in women.  With respect to the Sun’s illumination as viewed from Earth such as from full Moon to full Moon the period is 29.5 days.  Also, the word menses comes from the word month, which comes from the word moon.
To help decide though, what do we know about the differences between the sperm and the egg?  For one is size.  The female egg is the largest human cell in the body while the male sperm is the smallest human cell in the body.  The female egg is around 200 um diameter while the male sperm is around 5 um diameter.  This makes the female egg around 40 times wider than the male sperm. 
Let's compare this with the Moon and Jupiter.  From the perspective of width for Man on earth looking up into space with 360 degrees in a circle of view, the Moon takes up 0.52 degrees.  In contrast, Jupiter takes up only 0.014 degrees.  This means from the perspective of Man on earth looking up into the night sky, the Moon is a little over 37 times, or rounding off, around 40 times wider than Jupiter.
However, admittedly, man’s perspective from earth is not reality.  For example, the Sun does not actually go down or set each day, the Earth rotates so one side no longer sees the Sun.  Jupiter is actually much larger than the Moon.  Jupiter is the largest of the nightly wandering lights while the Moon is actually the smallest.  Jupiter’s diameter is 88,846 miles at the equator and 83,082 miles at the poles.  It rotates fast enough to where the equator gets spread wider than the poles.  In contrast the Moon’s diameter is 2,159 miles.  This means from the perspective of reality Jupiter is between 41.1 and 38.5 times wider than the Moon which averages out to 39.8 times wider.  Or rounding off, Jupiter is around 40 times wider than the moon.
To summarize, the egg is the largest human cell in the body while the sperm is the smallest human cell.  The Moon appears in the night sky as the largest object reflecting the light of the Sun while in reality Jupiter is the largest of the nightly wandering lights while the moon is the smallest.  The width ratio of egg to sperm is basically 40 to 1, the width ratio of Moon to Jupiter as it appears from the earth is basically 40 to 1, and the width ratio of Jupiter to the Moon in reality is basically 40 to 1.  No matter what perspective one looks at it, Jupiter and the Moon together “reflect” the egg and the sperm. 
To conclude, Human gestation, counting from the beginning of a period right after menstruation is around 40 weeks in length.  The Revelation 12 sign whether choosing November or December 2016 to start is also around 40 weeks in length.  The number 40 in the Bible stands for trials and tribulations.  Jesus Christ was tempted 40 days in the wilderness.  Israel wandered 40 years in the wilderness.  These next 9 months may be trying times but God is in charge just as He made all these ratios of 40.  Just as He also made the ratio of the diameter of the Earth to the Moon at one tenth that at 4.  Just as He made two different ratios of ten times that at 400 between the Moon and the Sun.  It is an amazing thing to consider how God could make both the Sun and the Moon to appear to Man on Earth as being essentially the same size.  Otherwise we couldn’t have both total solar eclipses and total lunar eclipses.  The reason this works out is the Moon is 400 times closer to the Earth than the Sun while at the same time its diameter is 400 times less than the Sun.
We may have even more meanings to uncover with these dates ranging from 37 to 44 weeks.  For now we can just say we truly serve an awesome God.  And for reference, the book “Arithmetic of God” lists the number 37 as meaning Exaltation, 38 as Righteousness, 39 as Truth, 40 as Tribulation or Trial, 41 as Deception, 42 as Second Coming of Jesus, and 44 as Perdition.  What we can be assured of in all of this, with God there are no accidents.