Steve Mullin (25 Dec 2016)
"Russia, Turkey and the Vilna Gaon Prophecy"

I've posted this prophecy before, but just saw a different article on it that had some new information. Originally, the prophecy I had seen talked about the Russians annexing Crimea which they did in 2014 and the 2nd part said, "When you see Russia invading Constantinople (Istanbul), then put on your Sabbath clothes because the messiah is coming any minute." 

According to the new article, the 2nd part is slightly different:

If the ships of the Kingdom of Russia cross the Bosphorous Straits (in Northwest Turkey), we need to put on our Shabbat clothes, because this is telling you that the coming of the Messiah is very close.

The article states that this happened two months ago:

Two months ago, the Russian Navy sailed for the Mediterranean, bolstering their already formidable military presence in the region and setting the stage for the prophesied confrontation to occur at any moment.

It's an interesting read and potentially very telling if true. Here's the link:

Steve M