Randy (25 Dec 2016)
"Another IMPORTANT "70"----How long did KIng David live?  70.....and at his 1/2 life of 35.....is half of Jewish Year 5778"


This, too, came from the book:  The Divine Calendar.

Did you know that King David lived 70 years??   He was born in Jewish Year 2854.

So, when he was 35......half of his years on this earth......it was Jewish Year 2889.

So take Jewish Year 5778  (2018) .....and divide it by 2.  You get  Jewish Year 2889.

Wouldn't it be incredible if........at the middle of King David's life (age 35) ......

IF that year, 2889.....was also 1/2 the life of man on earth????  Until the "final covenant."  Until the start of the Tribulation???  In Jewish Year 5778.  Which starts in just 9 months, Sept 2017 !!!

Are ALL these 70s coincidences??  You tell me.

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