Ozzie (25 Dec 2016)
"To Marilyn Agee... Re Patti C post (2012)"


What a pleasure to be reacquainted with  Post from Patti C (2012) Thank you Marilyn for this action on your part. Patti C posts were (for me) the most significant content i encountered when i first happened across '5 Doves website'. I found her letters both scholarly and adventurous. Her Love for Jesus infuses her writing to such a degree that she had the faith in him to go out on a limb with contentious topics. On occasions she 'dares' to question some of the approved 'dogma' and therefore alas suffered scorn from the guardians of said orthodoxy. Most of all i love the fact that Patti refuses to limit God to our boundaries of thought and wanted to free God from our intellectual shackles. I have no certainty that she was always right. She herself was keen to open a dialogue and never claimed infallibility. In a way her exploration of Jesus was very childlike in its vulnerability and honesty. I hope her trusting spirit was not crushed by the self appointed guardians of the Torah