Neil Lipken (25 Dec 2016)

This is absolutely incredible!   Watch this short video!   I would like to remind all of my end time Bible prophecy friends that we are still very much "sandwiched" between the very rare lunar eclipse tetrad of 2014-15 and the extremely prophetic year of 2017 (1917----1967----2017).   Third Temple construction should be initiated in 2017, but that mandates the Rapture first!   The New World Order folks will do everything they can to stop Donald Trump from taking office.  The time period we are in now until January 20th is VERY UNSTABLE!   Jeb Bush would have been just fine with them, as would have been Hillary Clinton, as both are in the New World Order.  I just watched an hour of CNN (5:00 to 6:00 PM Eastern Time on Thurs. evening), and they attacked Trump for the whole hour on the "Russian hacking"!   


P.S.   Don't think that very rare lunar eclipse tetrad of 2014-15 (Passover / Tabernacles of both years lunar eclipses) is important?    Then go look up Genesis 1:14, Joel 2:30, and Luke 21:25 !