Michelle (25 Dec 2016)
"A Defense of the Pretibulational Rapture in Matthew 24:36-44"

This is one of the very best studies I have ever read on this subject.  I have a high level of respect for the author, a professor at the Moody Bible Institute.  This is not meant to start an argument over pre, mid or post, but only for those who have often wondered or thought that Matthew 24:36-44 was speaking of the 2nd Coming of Christ and/or the Jews in the Millennial Kingdom (those servants who were wicked who will be in the outer darkness or the darkness outside which is another study for another time or see Chuck Missler's book The Kingdom, Power and Glory for more information on that subject which continues into Matthew 25 in the Kingdom parables).  I believe that a careful study in context, writing style and the original Greek language will prove that these passage do indeed speak of the rapture and not the 2nd Coming of Christ to the earth.  Enjoy.

A Defense of the Pretribulational Rapture in Matthew 24:36-44
By John F. Hart 
Professor of Bible 
Moody Bible Institute 
Chicago, IL  

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