Mary Adams (25 Dec 2016)


I had hoped the clouds would not cover the sky this night...I wanted to see something special.  The Northern Lights would be out, and a predicted display of a full moon and shooting stars.  So around 1:30pm, I awoke to sit and watch. 
Soon, the familiar greenish hue began to poke through, moving so gracefully across the dark sky like waves coming in from the ocean.  The moon was something event I would not have wanted to miss....for it not only gave my eyes a thrill, but also my heart, mind, and soul.  Jesus had spoken of it, that those heavenly lights were for signs—to signal a spiritual message that only the watchful might understand. 
I began to pray, “Lord, your heavens declare your glory...but where are the streaks of lights?”  I no sooner said that, than one streaked across my view!  It only lasted a mega-second, but now the picture before me was completed—a certain gift, just as I had longed to see.
This is a sad Christmas for me.  I spend it with sadness that so many of this world’s inhabitants have no comprehension, or even wanting to
understand, what is in the heart of this old woman at this time of her earthly life; but more importantly---what times lie ahead for this planet we call earth. 
It is not a good picture. As night turns to day, the light shines on a humanity embroiled in wars, poverty, and troubleous times.  Crumbling apart of nations, disasters and fearful sights...”men’s hearts failing them for fear of the things they see happening on the earth”, as Jesus Himself prophesied of the last days.
But God has not left us without hope...

“If ye seek Me, ye shall find Me, if you search for Me with all your heart”.  Those too,  are Jesus’ own words.
The “wise men” of old experienced it.  Events in the heavens, prophesied long before, were unfolding to move them to see and understand.  It would draw them to make a “foolish” journey, ladened with gifts, simply to behold the birth of a King.  How many who mocked their assumptions later were silent at the report which came as those same “wise men” returned home? 
And the shepherds—used to beholding the stars above, yet never before witnessing the angelic appearances and glorious announcement of little Bethlehem’s visitation. The flocks would lie down unfearful, while they rushed to find that newborn babe lying in a manger. 
While Christmas is being stripped of Christ, and that ancient story is hidden behind holiday Santas and parties, Satan’s mask cannot destroy the great gift that tiny infant still gives to all who come to worship Him.
It is an inner peace that covers all our fears and apprehensions; for the story, written in the stars above and with the prophets’ pens on ancient scrolls, tell us that this same Jesus will come again...and soon. 
But only for those WHO ARE LOOKING FOR HIM....