Lynnette (25 Dec 2016)
"December 2016 Earthquakes"

Dear John & Doves,
Am praising God in the midst of thesigns getting more frequent before JESUS return. Earthquakes are noticed in days from 12/8 to 12/10/2016 :

I am noticing Greater than Level 5 earthquakes,  just these days  ... 6.0 China ...6.7 off coast of CA....7.8 Solomon Islands.  6.5 , 6.9 quakes, pressure building. Using

Events preceded the 2004 Solar-ray burst event and 9.1 quake December 26, 2004  with Tsunami  over 230,000 killed in Sumatra, Indonesia.
A wave anticipated for Earth coming later in December 2016 may impact harder than the historical one of 2004.
Discussed are Gamma Rays " Solar Weather" that can affect health,  &power grids.

Besides that I am remembering David Daughtery's decription seen before the rapture with power outages.  from: