Lynnette (25 Dec 2016)
"VR ( virtual reality )"

I give Glory to God for the making of Revelation movie (1999) for insights
of deception methods:
I am sharing additional developments  shared in the news about VR (virtual realty)

December 2016  Virtual Reality gets more grown-up :

From March 2016  : Five Doves

The Revelation movie portrayed time after the rapture.
In the movie, Virtual Reality was used as part
of the AntiChrist's trickery in duping people to make a deal with him.
They weren't told the full truth by him or about allegiance with him during parts of the movie- instead the Anti-Christ used virtual reality (VR)  to fullfill dreams- eye sight to the blind. walking for a paraplegic...without disclosing the permanency of a deal with him.
Here we are in 2016 , and VR has been in the news more. The idea is being intergrated more & more in products &society. Companies developing products from children's products toys,porn, and Facebook has interest in it.

Anticipating the Lord's return in Glory,Lynnette