Gerry Almond (11 Dec 2016)
"When is Jesus coming?....try Christmas"


Then I can project with some certainty when our Lord is coming for us. I have only this disclaimer and that is that I agree that “no man knows the day or hour, but the Father only”. (Matt 24:36)

The only reason that we cannot know the day and hour is because there are 24 time zones on the earth at all times and there are 2 days on the earth at all times also.

For anyone except God Himself to know the day and hour is simply impossible. Thus Pearl Harbor Day, for example, that is always December 7 will not be the same for all people on earth. The exact anniversary can only be determined by using Hawaii time. So, again, why is Jesus' statement in Matt 24:36 true? Because there are 24 time zones on the earth at all times and there are 2 days on the earth at all times. This is true of any event 100% of the time.

First of all, most Christians will not accept December 25 as Jesus birthday either, in spite of the fact that the earliest church accepted it. They think they know more than those closest in time to the event. Second, they will not accept that God, in His righteous anger took away the Feast of Tabernacles due the idolatry and wickedness of ancient Israel, but later gave them a replacement Feast called Hanukkah. They think that there must therefore be 8 sacred feasts instead of 7 by taking this position. They do not stop to reason that the Sacred Feasts follow exactly the development points of the human child as to spacing of day counts, both in total and between the feasts. This count foresaw the development of the totally human side of the God/man. An eighth Feast and consequent count of days would make negate the divine pattern.

The only thing most have gotten right is that we could not nor have we ever known the year. But this year, God has said through several of His witnesses, prophets and watchers that the rapture will be in this year, 2016. He obviously said this so that we could know within a year when our Lord might come. With that fact verified by God, Himself, all we need to find is the month and day. The month and day is altogether about Jesus Christ, so many looked to the Feasts as the time of His coming. But, I constantly warned that Jesus Christ had said in Scripture that “in a time ye think not, the Son of man cometh”. Most did not think of Christmas because most did not believe His birth was actually on Christmas, but rather in September or October or even April, or some such other time.

God has His ways of revealing what He wants us to know. So, in order to prove that the body of Jesus arose from the grave, for example, He extracted that body right through the burial shroud that covered the body. He arose as pure light, burning an image on the material as He came up through it, so that all would be able to see a negative picture of His features. All men then had to do was to “develop” the negative into a positive picture to see Him as He was when He lay in death for us. Very ingenious.

So likewise, God left us a way to know when His Son was to be born. He did this by telling us the time of His death on the cross, again in the Scriptures. That time was to be on a Passover Feast. He also did this by giving Him the only name that in both Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic that could be possible to produce the proper count of days of His life. He did this by giving every letter of these language alphabets a number value, which if taken to its extreme, could turn the entire Bible into a Book of numbers. This number system is called “gematria”. Finally, He did this by inspiring the Apostle Matthew to write in chapter 1, verse 21 the identity of the newborn infant, who was and is the God/man. It says “Thou shalt call His name JESUS: For He shall SAVE His people from their sins”. The Holy Spirit is His Father, and Mary the virgin His mother. Thus, Mary's baby boy was/is God in the flesh. The archangel gave us His earthly name: It was JESUS SAVIOR at His birth and throughout His entire earthly ministry. He came to seek and to save the lost sheep of the House of Israel, NOT to be a king.

He was born on December 24/25 in the year 00. Proof of this birth date of Jesus Christ is here given using the gematria of His name, Jesus Savior:

JESUS in gematria is 888 and SAVIOR in gematria is 14. Multiply the two for the number of days of His life from conception to death on the cross. (This count is proof also that life begins at conception, not at birth and it therefore condemns abortion on demand as the sin of murder).

The product of 888 x 14 = 12,432 days.

The gestation period of a human child is 280 days consisting of 14 days from conception to fertilization, and 266 days for fetal growth to birth.

Removing the gestation period of 280 days, that is conception to physical birth, the product is 12,432 days – 280 days gestation = 12,152 days, the time of His physical life from birth to death. In solar years the total is 33.27 years. He was 33 + years old at death.

Based on the rotating universal Hebrew calendar, in the year 33, Passover came on April 3. It is recorded that the date of His crucifixion was Passover, thus April 3, 33 was the day of crucifixion and death. Counting back 12,152 days from April 3, 33, one lands exactly on December 24/25, in the year 00. Further counting back 280 more days, one lands on March 20./21, the Spring equinox. This is the day when Gabriel announced the royal conception to Mary, the virgin girl and that day, the Holy Spirit caused the conception to occur.

Now comes the crux of the matter. It is the date of the return of Jesus Christ for His Bride. This is to occur in the month of December, 2016. We know this much because December is the last month of the year 2016, and the year 2016 has been identified by the Lord Himself as the year of His coming, and we are now in December. So that leaves us only what day of the month of December will this be? Can it be known? If so, how can that be calculated? I believe it can be known subject only to the two conditions given at the beginning of this paper. This is how.

Jesus, Himself gave us the way to find out, which would be valid only if one knows the year. It is recorded in Matthew 24:15, 20, 21a “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand). Then let them FLEE.......”. Verse 20 “But pray that your flight be not in winter, neither on the sabbath day. For then shall be great tribulation”....!

Why did the Lord give this admonition to pray that they not flee in winter and for them to flee without even a coat or hat? Because travel for a Jew is forbidden on the sabbath day. Winter is a harsh and deadly time to leave without even a coat. So why did our Lord give such a stark warning? BECAUSE THE LORD WAS TELLING US THAT THE FLIGHT WILL INDEED HAPPEN IN THE WINTER AND ON THE SABBATH DAY BOTH!!

It must occur in December, because we are in December, 2016. So what sabbath and what Winter? It is clear that this Winter comes on December 21, the time of the Winter solstice, therefore it is still Autumn around the world as I write this. There are only two sabbaths left after the solstice and these are December 24, Christmas eve and December 31, New Year's eve.

I believe that it will most likely be Christmas eve, because a few of God's watchers have been told that there will be no Christmas (for them), which means no Christmas on earth for the Bride, but rather the Bride's Christmas will be in heaven. Scripture records that it was evening when the couple, Mary and Joseph were turned away from the inn and had to sleep in a cave. And the moment of birth was after the time of sunset, the end of Christmas eve, because the angel's sang at night in the darkness to the shepherds. Since sunset to sunset comprised the Jewish day, the birth came after sunset, and after darkness, which would therefore be on December 25, 00, the first Christmas day.

I think that our rapture is going be on Christmas eve/Christmas day. For us America, I think that sometime in the night hours our Lord will come, defeating Satan (Santa) by removing His faithful bride, thereby bringing His own the best of all Christmas gifts, the rapture. But by doing so, He will be denying the world their joyous Santa day. Instead Christmas will bring the onset of the great tribulation.

President Obama said that he would win the war on Christmas. I suggest that he was referring to the Christians being gone and that he would finally control all by having to declare martial law because of the massive upset caused by their disappearance along with children, babies, and innocent ones.


Gerry Almond