Fay (25 Dec 2016)
"Protection of the Wicked"


Just a thought.................... if any of us muck up at work - don't do our jobs - get caught skimming off the petty cash etc., we get fired. Slightly more heinous crimes and we get fined or jailed. That's the law for normal human beings. Don't you find it outrageous that high profile criminals - guilty of theft from the public purse - guilty of the deaths of hundreds, thousands of people (i.e. Tony Blair, George w Bush, Hills Clinton, to name a few) literally get away with literal murder??

Big names like Google, Facebook etc., get away without paying millions in taxes but heaven help the ordinary man if he doesn't fill in his tax return on time. Never mind NOT paying his taxes.

When scripture tells us that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the leaders (people in power) etc., it is seriously clearer that this IS the case today, than in years past. Bare faced murder, lies, theft from the powers that be ( including the bloody main stream media) is rampant.

I don't believe Trump can fix it. Nor Putin. The system is thoroughly broken. We desperately need our LORD Jesus to come quickly.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus. PLEASE.